Tuesday, June 2, 2009

MyCheekyBoo Give Away

arghhh i felt so bad 'seeing' Bonnie's msg just 'lying' there in my cbox without any respond.. sorry Bonnie, i've been busy lately

SO, my dear FRIENDS,

come visit Bonnie's new e-store, she's offering a 'give away'... u might be the lucky winner to win the RM20 voucher to spend in her store (i hope Wawa will pick me, how do i ensure that??? WAWA, PICK ME PICK ME!! ehehhe)

it's so easy:

How to enter this give away?

Create an account / register with us at http://mycheekyboo.com/ (1 entry)
Subscribe to My Cheeky Boo's mailing list (1 entry)
If you're a blogger, blog about us. (3 entries)
And no purchases are required. If you do all the above, and you'll have total of 5 entries in winning this give away!

hmmm... i'm almost there

well, i've been visiting her store and really really tempted to try on her Panda Baby CD, also the Rocky Mountain CD and yeahhh the Cushie Tushie Couture CD definitely a-yummy-looking... if i win the voucher, i'm definitely getting the Cushie Tushie. But don't worry Bonnie, if my pocket permits, i might order them soon... hahahhahah (**evil laugh)

okay all, don't forget, her e-store just a click away, and start clicking now ;)

1 comment:

Bonnie said...

Hi Scudmumi,

Panda Baby SALE is on today. Check out my store ya. :)


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