Sunday, June 21, 2009

happy father's day

tajuk entry hampir sume orang utk hari ni...

nway, takde celebrate pape, but may i claimed the lunch that i cooked this afternoon specially for my DH can be considered as celebration?? err more like appreciation rather than celebration ehhh...
masak "ikan siakap masam2 manis", banyak kali la DH ku menambah, tp dia mmg kalau masak lauk pape pon memang selera especially kalu dari 'air tangan' ku... ikan bilis goreng atau telur dadar pon menyelerakan... alhamdulillah...

sambil tu ku buat jugak trifle (thanks to my senior-Kak CtK yg bwk kan all the way form EIRE) tp lom siap lagi, tinggal nak tunggu sejuk sket, then need to whip the cream and woilaaa... will be our evening tea later...

nway, HAPPY FATHER's DAY to all daddy, ayah, abah, papa, walid, bapak etc out there... YOU COMPLETE US!!!! Thanks a zillion

hmmm.. 5 more days to go.. yeahhh to my EDD, still no S+S... kadang2 memalam tu cam ada la contraction that i would consider a little bit painful than ordinary Braxton Hicks, but nope! Still not 'going' anywhere... almost every night i thought "it will be tonight", but the next morning i woke up with frustration fresh and like nothing was happening or going to happen... *sigh*

Honestly, i felt heavier each day, don't think i felt this way when i was pregnant with Fatini or Haziq.. both were beyond their EDD (ehhh except HaziQ who came out a day earlier than his EDD, Fatini was 4 days late).. but this one?? tunggu je lah..

Also, i felt he's moving less than he used to (less in movement and frequency, but still acceptable to me, i think ).. maybe he's getting bigger and the space inside my uterus is very limited for his size now... arrghhh.. hopefully he won't be bigger than 3.39kg (that was HaziQ's BW, Fatini was 2.97kg). Last week ANC, my weight naik almost 1kg (in just one week okey).. hahhh.. rase cam tak makan banyak, ke all the weight goes to baby... isk.. takut la plak if baby besar sgt nih!!!

okey.. tu je

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