Sunday, May 30, 2010

Babywearing : Symphuo wrap in action

first time wrapping outside/in public. (my 1st attempt last week can be considered failed as i was only wrapping less than 15 minutes).

This time, we went to Tesco Cheras for early dinner & groceries shopping..

i tied it at home, wore Faris in the car, then i only re-tighten the wrap once arrived at the parking lot.

sampai2 je we all makan dulu, so had to put Faris out.. so i just let the wrap 'wrapped' my body.. lantak laaa hahahha

then, after makan, straight went up to groceries shopping...

tgh khusyuk2 shopping barang, tetiba ada lak suara kat belakang,

"lawa la akak wrap, kak"

hampehh.. chikleen ropanya (one of MBW member)... hahahha..

sebab tak rase orang berani nak tegur i hihihi

but Leen wasn't babywearing.. kalu tak, bleh geng.. jarang jumpe orang BW laa..


Faris fell asleep... (background tu BOKTI i shopping Tesco hahahha), halfway, he was sweating sebab i bungkus dia abis-abisan... (arms in, kepala pon serkup), at this time already 'un-serkup' his kepala...

basically, i wore him in this wrap more than 1 hour, no problem at all except some pressure on my left shoulder, probably the wrap wasn't spread correctly unlike on my right shoulder.

Tapi memang best la wrapping baby ni... the weight is evenly distributed.

Panas?? memula ok, tapi later I felt the heat, after 'un-serkup' Faris, barulah okay sikit. Angin pon masuk dalam, so takde la panas sangat.. i never try other wraps (i mean utk pakai lama2), so cannot compare.

lena betoi dia tido.... rase nak join plak hihihi

anak dara i sibuk suruh amik gamba dia mengemop.. ehh akak kat belakang tu bukan tukang sapu tau, tapi dia testing penyapu hihihi

dalam keta.. masih lena...

so.. marilah bungkus membungkus...

Thursday, May 27, 2010

@fluffy mails #3

tau dah kot ni apa kan...

action pics taken by Fatini...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

@fluffy mails #2

#1 was the 'old rainbow' wrap :P

received this yesterday pm..

let's the pics do the talking...

nanti dah ada actions pics baru la ku bersuara hehhehe

it comes with a carrying bag, tak matching, but okay la dari takde langsung...

a sneak peek :P

itu saje buat masa ni... tunggu sambungan cerita ini.. hihihi.. saspen tak???
POYOS kannn....

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Symphuo vs Old Rainbow

These 2 are Girasol wraps...

i love these for their rich colours...

honestly, though i only spent less than 48hrs with old rainbow, i fall in love with its colour & its softness (it's already broken in)..

but symphuo?? is my pojaan hati... kenapa???

lihat lah sendiri n lemme know wat u think....

with flash (left Old Rainbow, right Symphuo)

without flash (top Symphuo, bottom Old Rainbow)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Babywearing - wraps : Backcarry

i only know rucksack backcarry...
there are few ways to get your baby on your back, either hip scoot, superman toss or while sitting down..

i only try hip scoot..
superman toss?? no wayyy... too scary hahha
u can try to look at the video here

just wanna share these photos with my 'special friends' (u know who u are, gals).. yes i'm trying to lure them into wrapping hahhaha

hip scoot the baby to your back

not easy when Faris did not let go my armpit

bend down, so that baby really ON your back.. hold the fabrics tightly, ensure baby's bum & back secured in the fabric

keep talking and calming the baby... i would bounce-bounce him so that he would enjoy the moment & cooperate

almost there...

cross the fabric @ baby's bum, then go under the knees to the front



for newbies, u are advised to do it near sofa or bed.. or has somebody to watch your back..
for me, i like to do it in front of mirror too... easy to see Faris at my back..

when putting him down...

"thank you, Mummy... muahss"

Babywearing - Symphuo RS

This is Emiza's..
Her wraps and WC RS (wrap conversion ringsling) tengah jalan2 sbb tuanpunya nye sedang berbadan dua...

so, untung jugak dapat merasa carrier orang.. kan kan kan...

This RS is made of Girasol wrap - Symphuo...
converted by Syaz of Jumpsacbaby..

I LOVE THE COLOURS soooo much...
being a wrap fabric, it's really supportive. Padded shoulder is a bonus, so i love it to every bit!

BUT, it's too long for me cos of the tapered end...

but still I LOVE IT!!!

I use it this morning to the playground.
Carried Faries up & down the hill & stairs for more than 30minutes i guess, and surprisingly, i dint get the shoulder pain... wowww best best.. but will try to carry him longer to see if it's really a wonder one-shouldered carrier hehehhe

off to the playground...

cameraman i memang suka amik gamba yang gini-gini... artistik kata nye... bantai je lah... (dia nak amik kan gamba pon dah cukup bagus hihihi)


shielding Faris from the sun... and showing off the true colours of Symphuo

babywearing + mummy & baby moment = PRICELESS

my family....

Thanks Emiza for the opportunity...
Ni yang terasa 'gatal' tangan nak ada WC RS plak nih.. isk isk isk...
well, i still have time to really use & love this RS before passing it to the next person - mamashmontel...

p/s do join us @ MalaysianBabyWearers.............

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Babywearing - wraps : Girasol Old Rainbow

this is my 2nd wrap purchase after Girasol Fire & Ice...
tapi lom sempat lagi nak blog pasal my Fire & Ice tu...

wraps ni, brand Girasol jugak. AKu beli kat Natural Mama FSOT, from a UK mama.
panjang sket kisah wraps ni sebelum sampai kat tangan aku...
aku pm mama ni tp tak berjawab, then kak Yaz pon pm gak sbb dia nak buat WC pakai wraps ni. Aku pasrah je sbb aku pm tu pon saje2 tanya je.. :P
dipendekkan cerita, kak yaz beli wraps ni, anta ke Ireland @ Jenn utk convert ke SSC.
tp tetiba kak Yaz plak dapat offer BWC Julie, so dia cancel this wrap, so kira aku la yang beli.. then thsi wrap sampai Jumaat lepas...


wrap ni aku dah jual pada Dian, sbb aku nak beli wrap lain.. Girasol jugak :D
kenapa aku beli Girasol je?? Sebab aku suka suka suka sangat dengan kaler2 dia... so colourful!!
brand lain, aku lom venture lagi... tunggu dulu lah...

sebab wraps ni hampir berpindah milik, aku terus snap action pics dgn wraps ni...

tapi, wraps ni BEST sbb dah SOFT!
Feels so cushy2 less pressure as compared to my still-stiff Fire & Ice.. Dian, ni yang buat aku pikir banyak kali plak nak jual... hehhehe
colour still vibrant...
tp aku takleh la ada sampai 2 rainbow-y wraps plak kan.. (uhh apa kah wrap ku yang lagi satu tu ye?? TUNGGUUUUU....)

so terus action pics la ye.. nak tido daaaa...
this weekend sooooo tiring sebab layan DH 'balas dendam' bawak bebudak ni jalan & shopping sakan!!!

my wraps stashshot.. Old Rainbow and Fire & Ice

with flash

without flash.. i think this is the true-er colour


another angle

rucksack carry

Faris in Old Rainbow


"dah lah mummy... "

tu aje... esok aku akan pass wraps ni ke tuan punya yang baru....
bersedia lah...

p/s Dian, kalu aku wendu wraps ni kita TT ye ??

Saturday, May 8, 2010

BW : Pouch

My first BW purchase was a Littlepods pouch, i bot it in size L when Faris was around 40+days old.

Unfortunately, he did not like to be worn in th epouch when he was small (in craddle-carry position). When he's little bit older, i tried to carry him in hip-carry position but i didn't find the comfort and the "pouch-LOVE" :(

So, my LP pouch is up for sale... any taker?? I might reduce the price even more if u are interested :P

Yesterday, i went to MV for the Mom & Baby Expo.. i went with my frens, Dian & co..
Main plan was to 'cuci-cuci mata'... and to justify the visit, i made an excuse to find the Pureen bottle cleanser and breast pads for yours truly :P

After tawaf 1 round (owhh only managed to tawaf 1 hall only!! obviously i missed a lot!!! arghh nak pegi lagi...)
We visited tinytapir booth --- arghhh i love the Grobaby printed CDs.. but my CD-purchasing era has over!!!! Then we tried Mei's MT -- arghhhh my hands were soooo itchy to buy one... aiyoo Farid sooo lovely lor!!!

this one is soooooooooooooooo gorjes morjes IRL!! Tak tipuk!!! sib baik tarak duit bajet tau hahhaha
(pics credit here)

then, Syaz's Jumpsac RS & Mamapatch RS... love every RS hanging there... ya Allah, kuatkan iman ku ya Allah.. memang goyah iman & poket nengok bende2 BW nih!!! ( i'mmmm soooo in need of new hobby, new passion and new baby ehh hahaha )

Then we met Kak Faten, owner of @ her booth. Ni terus tak tahan dah... ku sambar satu pouch... huwarghh kak Faten jahat.. sape soh buat pouch lawa2???

Kak Faten cakap aku size S?? iskkk tipuk betul laaa... tp mmg ku try size S (23") mmg ngam2... aiyokk patut la size L terus kapooof tak best!!

so, ku rembat yang ini.... lawa kan????
so much nicer IRL.. ni gamba aku amik tak menyerlah sgt!! But i love it i love it love it!! I found my pouch love, at last!!!

Pouch is sooo easy BUT u need to find ur correct SIZE!!

But i found my love bit too late... Faris is too heavy to be carried one-shouldered... i did carry him @ home, 1/2 hour is max lorrr... killing my shoulder.. but i love the fact that it's soooooo compact, i can fold it and can fit in my sling bag (i almost did that when @ expo -- -ehhh bukan curik tau cuma terus nak beli tanak bagik Dian kebas heheh & powww terus masuk beg hahha)

The print is soooo lovely, flowery on one side and reverse to plain brown.. love the COMBO!
DH can wear it in brown but even the flowers looks GN (gender neutral!!) -- opss donno if DH can fit in it. Even it does fit him, don't think he will hehehhe

So... if u wanna grab a pouch or any types of carriers, don't forget to visit the expo... grab your chance to try every types of the BW gadgets...
try it, feel it, love it & buy it laaa of course!! and get addicted to it!!!

tgh adjust2... my cameraman tgh baring.. (konon-konon amik angle katanye..)

my 3 stooges

am i wearing it correctly??

my happy model -- DH selalu cakap "cian adik selalu jadik bahan experiment..." experiment kah??? nayyy...

Today I declare... i love pouch!
and today I declare.. i love all types of carriers and proud to have all types of it :P

2 pouches (1 up for sale) + 2 DIYed pouch
3 RS + 1 DIYed RS
1 MT (itw) + 2 DIYed (1 still itw)
2 wraps (1 otw)
1 SSC ( + 2??)

that's all for now... heheheh



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