Sunday, June 7, 2009

visit to TINYTAPIR

Yesterday after our Lunch @ Chili's, i managed to 'pujuk' my DH to go to Ampang Park.. heheheh.. mmg berkobar2 nak visit TinyTapir store..

so around 4pm we made our move to Ampang Park, i cant remember when was the last time i went there (or maybe the answer is NEVER!*shrug*)..

we straight went up to 2nd floor and try to find the shop - thank you to one of the momma's blog who gave me the direction to the shop (near Pos Malaysia, next to AVon), if not sure fenin jugak nak carik.. (plus i need to go straight to the point shop before DH boring nak layan ihikkss)

found the shop next to the Avon... nice shop, and me excitedly touching here and there. There were customers trying on pouch/sling for her baby @ the babywearing side, so i straight went to the other side, usik-usik and belek2 wetbags and all until the shop assistant came over and asked me "carik cloth diaper ke kak?"
"a'ah tu lah sbb utama datang nih"
"CD dalam drawers ni, akak bukak lah tengok ye"

ohh thank you thank you, mmg itulah yang ku carik2..

so i opened the drawers one by one, and hubby also... i can see his face quite amazed with the varieties of CDs in the store. (before that i already shooed him to the sofa so that he wont be bored with me, but he refused plus there was a makcik already occupied the waiting area-agak impolite to pass her just to get a seat)

actually donno what to look for. The night before, i just planned to usha Grobaby cos everybody is talking about Grobaby CD being economical, and bla bla bla etc.. also planned to buy Wipes Case (to save RM10 postage if i ordered online)..

but when i opened up the drawers, all my plan terus lupa! i belek-belek all the CDs esp:


Monkey Doodlez AIO and Thirsties AIO -- actually i've been eyeing these 2 CDs for Fatini since only these 2 AIO CD with extra large setting.

MD ~ quite thick - so maybe take longer time to dry, but lots of colour selection. Cutting is big enough for Fatini..

Thirsties ~ double gusset is good. The sewn in insert is not too thick, probably faster drying time. Also has pocket.. hmm good additional feature, so that i can stuff a hemp insert, to boost up the absorbency (just in case).
But colour was limited for L size :( -- only sky blue, butter and celery colour left for me to choose from... at last we chose butter colour.
[surprisingly my DH had no objection when i want to buy the CDs but the only thing he said was "nanti kalau dia suka pakai ni, langsung taknak stop pakai pampers plak" -- well i do have the same fear, but what to do, we have to slowly wean her off the dispo then later the CD lah]

Dream Eze AIO ~ just like fitted (with organic cotton inners) but with a waterproof layer. This AIO only up to L size, still small for Fatini


MPB and Dream Eze ~ already have them both, dont think i will add them more to the stash (not now lah). But love the colours of DE. Though DE fitted comes in XL size that might fit Fatini, i dont really like the fact that i have to use cover with them esp on Fatini at night! Also dont really fancy the 'hanging' inserts laa.. still think that they may get displaced!


just to get the feel of other brands.. already have 'enough' pocket CDs for Haziq to start off... then later can buy more when baby also wears pocket.

Rumparooz G2 - 'cutting quite small for an OS, but the colours are yummy-yummy, very bright and attractive! The 6R insert is thick and think it's a worth-buy insert'. For its price RM105 - kinda okay lah cos it comes with 6R insert that worths RM30. (Rumparooz G1 did not come with insert, so u have to buy it separately)

BumGenius ~ they have 9 solid colours in store. And i think i lurve this pocket CD. They looks smaller than Happy Heiny's but still fit Haziq well.. it comes with 2 inserts (just like HH, so worth buy lorrr). Maybe i'll get more BG later ;)

Baby Kanga pocket ~ looks OK too, love the fact that pocket is zippered and located at the front. Maybe can try next time

GAD ~ they only have them in PUL. i like the fleece one. But maybe can try PUL plak after this

Clothdiaperwholesale ~ for its price ok lah.. am not fancy it. Better china-made CD lah. It looks like seluar getah biasa with pocket.

there were also plenty of printed CDs (but forgot the brand and types, as i tried not too look at them (they are so cute!!! Takut tergoda hehheh). Belek 1-2 then letak balik and tutup the drawer.. isk cannot you!!!!

CD Covers

then a drawer full of CD covers. I like the fleece skirt hehheh.. wish to wear it on my girl.. then i looked at the
Wonderwrap -- they are thick, one size and nice colour too (only yellow/orange and purple left, no green for me!!). Since i have 4 fitted for Haziq and only M size Thirsties covers, i think i just need to buy another cover either L sized Thirsties or OS WW???? Finally i took WW cover becos baby can wear it too in smaller setting and i chose purple colour since Haziq likes purple and will call it 'Barney' colour.

other covers - printed and NICE too... maybe later! when i start to fall in love with fitted :p


my verdicts:
small cutting for an OS - but maybe good trim..
the additional inserts priced at RM72 - i think better get another CD with that price instead of re-use the shell with new set of inserts (my opinion lah...)
colours - me LIKE!!
there were also a couple who were trying the Grobaby on their 10kg baby.. baby dia mmg kus semangat... and he is in the largest setting (so i wonder how long that will last on him??) - i'm just imagining my baby since my Fatini & Haziq also chubby when they were less than 1 yo.. (they were like 6-7 kg when aged 3 months!)

so -- i wont get one of them lah!! (phewww!!!!). Before this, macam very teruja when reading other mommas review..

NWAY -- these are solely MY VERY OWN opinions. For other mommas who plan or wish to try on Grobaby or other CDs, just go on... but better still, get the 'feel' and try first on your baby then only u'll know they fit or suitable for your baby or not. As for me, no baby to try it on YET. Maybe some other day, who knows i'll change my mind ;P.

The couple that i mentioned earlier, they think Grobaby suits their 10kg baby, and they bought 2 for him (busy body plak aku ihikks!!), meaning when u love it, nothing will stop u from buying hahahhaha

AND no Wipes Case for me uhuk uhukss... so i just bought the Thirsties AIO and WW cover.(i almost buy the Rume bag hehhehe saje suka2 and to 'go GREEN' kan.. tp since hubby ada sebelah, i tahan je lah ihikss... my purchased CDs ended up in a plastic bag ~~ sorry Mother Earth!!)

Meaning i have to REVISIT the store yeayyy... i sure will!!! After this i want to drag my other friends... (Dian & co ~ bersedia lah kau hehheh)

ps : i think it really a brilliant idea to have a CD store like this. We momma can get the feel, see them 'live' (the cutting, colour, features etc) and try them on baby first, then we can decide whether worth to buy or not esp when now there are plenty of types and brands of CDs in the market!!! Two thumbs up to the owner of the shop!!! errr... when r u going to bring the wipes case in store?? Let me know ehhh... (wanna save RM10 for the postage lorrr.. hehhehe)

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Anonymous said...

thanks for the hugely comprehensive review!!

Wipes cases are in already :)

By the way, grobaby looks small because it is a low rise diaper in the front (sits under the belly), but a lot of parents find that the grobaby still fits bigger babies even after BG no longer fits, so it does work over quite a wide size / age range. If you feel the material of the Grobaby you'll also see it is like a stretchy material so it stretches out quite a lot, the BG is more like a woven material, not much stretch


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