Saturday, November 27, 2010

Babywearing - RS: Sakura Bloom Dupioni Silk

i have tried Aja's Sakura Bloom Dupioni silk RS (ginger/champagne from essential silk series) -- TT'(temporary trade)'ed with my Apootaern RS. Thanks Aja..

when i first received it, i was ''terkesima' looking at the gorgeousness.. sangat lawa and exclusive.. now i know why some says silk is for special occasion... and the colour is pretty.....

but the fabric agak 'kejung' but not papery stiff, tapi kejung lah.. isk susah mau explain... i thought silk supposed to be soft, 'drop & silky' grrr i donno how to explain ..

i've tried this twice, jalan2 luar rumah and jalan2 kat Jusco after our dinner on the same day...

memula tried, mmg BEST.. very sturdy for a heavy kiddo... the feeling mmg best lah... weightless..

shoulder -- it's gathered, i can do gathered but i just dont really heart it!!

easy to thread, no problem at all.. it's not slippery
but i wrapped the rings with the tail because like i said earlier, the fabric is 'kejung' so the tail macam kembang semangkuk semacam.. and the tail quite short but OK to me (length is approx 71" -- mmg Aja beli pendek ye Aja??).

ni gamba tail wrapped around the rings. Takde plak gamba tail lepas ke bawah, blame my 'daddy'razzi who focused on mummy & baby but the slings grrr....

it's quite wide, tp still OK...
that it's reversible.. i can opt to ginger and show off a lil bit of champagne colour or vice versa...

haaa ini bokti nye... my 'daddy'razzi just focused muka model je... orang nak suruh amik gamba RS yang chantek itu....
the shoulder, maybe better if i could get it higher and spread the sewn part for some padding-effect ehh??

okay, the same night we went out for dinner, (ingatkan dinner only so just bring this RS), tp after dinner decided plak nak merewang dalam Jusco... so i carried my sleeping baby in this RS... aiyoooo sakit pinggang laaa... cos he was in a T2T position.. and i was trying to balance him sum more... but surprisingly, shoulder not too bad laaa (despite it was one-shouldered sling), but with gathered shoulder, my hand movement is restricted.. and he was practically in a front carrying position, susah sket la mau handsfree pilih2 barang...

but my backache is DEFINITELY not to blame the RS... but blame my 16mo DS2 then (weighed around 10kg i think).... i wish i could try this with smaller baby... mesti syiokk!!!

all in all... i HEART this silk RS....
thanks for lending me this beauty Aja....

Sunday, November 7, 2010

MBW International Babywearing Week 2010 Giveaway Contest

Lama tertangguh entry yang ni sbb nye tak sempat mau belek2 carik gambar. Tapi since hari last day, kena jugak buat... errkkk boleh lagi kan??

ni gambar MBW IBW Walk 2008

It's soooo simple, just follow the rules here


FIVE Chico sling bags worth RM30 each, sponsored by Tiny Tapir.

These are my photos for each categories:

-Babywearing A Newborn (0-2 months)

ni masa Faris umur 45 hari, mummy kena attend weekend course in Penang. Nasib baik ada sling ni so senang nak bawak gi jalan2...

-Babywearing An Older Child (1 year old and above)

my first SSC (soft structured carrier) - carrying my 5 year old daughter, Fatini. Owhh.. SSC sangat best for backcarry!!!

-Babywearing And Multitasking
i can't think of other pic... babywearing memang sangat boleh multitasking, one of them is carry another baby (or toddler) with your free hands...

-Breastfeeding While Babywearing
BF dalam ERL on the way to KLIA masa nak balik kampung... owhh thanks to this brilliant invention! BF can never be this discreet!!

-Child Baby Teddywearer
Fatini pon sibuk mau BW her teddy bear... kalau boleh dia nak je BW Faris, tp takut plak la tumbang sama2 nanti hihihi

okay, sempat lagi kalu nak join ni, dateline hari ni... oopsss.. cepat cepat!!!


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