Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sewing projects #1: bags, pouches and etc...

hese are some projects i've made/sewed..


a) my 1st try on tote bag -- this was adapted from a lunch bag tutorial here -- without the cover. You can adjust the size if u wanna bigger or smaller bag... the tutorial is very easy to follow...

b) 6-pockets mini tote bag -- i wanted to sew something for Fatini.. maybe a bag for her sekolah agama, but preferably a shoulder bag. so this bag just to 'try on' the patterns and my sewing skills (and also skills on understanding & following the tutorial instructions phewwhhh it's not easy ok...)
the tutorial is here.

- 6-pockets tote bag -- i made it with a small pocket inside, and patterned stitches with contra colour thread at the top... i'm really satisfied with this bag. I planned to make a bigger version of this bag, but donno when huhuh...
a) pencil colour rolls -- these are adapted from crayon rolls sewing tutorial. The free tutorials  are available easily on the internet, just ask mr. google and you can follow the instruction (actually i can't remember which links that i followed -- but honestly speaking, i will google, then i try to read the instruction, try to understand the steps [and not to forget all the sewing jargons]... then only i try to cut & sew 'em....)
this project is surprisingly easy and satisfying... BUT, i u wanna do this, u can try to decrease the width of the pencil pockets -- in the tute, each pocket is 1" in width -- it fits a crayon i believe, but since the colour pencils are smaller in diameter, they slip easily fr the pockets T__T.
and the fastener, u can put ribbons or elastic cords... i used ribbons but later they fell off *cry*

 pencil colour roll for haziq... i used heavy cotton for outside, lined with cotton fabric. The pockets are 2-layered cottons with interfacing in between (to make it sturdier).

This is Fatini's -- unfortunately i put the straps too low & only realized it after turned & topstitched everything.

Pencil colour rolls for Fatini and Haziq -- note the different strap for Haziq's roll -- i had to re-sew the straps again and since the straps were too short, i put a clip button. So instead of tying, just clip the button :))

Pencil colour rolls -- since the measurements were for crayons, the 'height' was a tad short for a standard long colour pencils :P

so next project was mini wallet/coins purse... i wanna do something cute so i tried these. I got the idea when browsing many many many sewing mamas blogs...
i wanted to make a zippered wallet like this (the tutorial is here -- choose "small wallet and coin purse"), but i did not have any zipper, so i just tried it on remnant cotton that i had -- just to see if i understood the steps and are the steps are easy to follow....

so here was the 'product' -- using remnant cotton. Inside actually has 2-compartments. One was meant for a zippered compartments. The flap was supposed to be straight but i made it triangle in shape, and i sewed "FATINI" on the flap (NV50 sewing machine can sew alphabets so jakun la kan lol...)


this is a zippered wristlet (single compartment). I was practising sewing a zipper... tutorials? just google any tutorials on zippered wallet/wristlet/pouch...

This was a 'real' try on the mini wallet (with zippered coin compartment)... it was challenging using 2-layered heavy cotton with interfacing lined wach fabric. It was too thick to sew with all 6 layers of heavy cotton + 6 layers of interfacing T__T (at this point, i still hasnt realized the existance of size 18 needles to sew thick fabrics LOL)... the edges were blerghhh so ugly... and i hate to sew, turn and topstitch thick fabrics!!!
closure is using two clip buttons at the corner of the flap. (the flap also personalized with "FATINI")

strawberry zippered wristlet -- ok, i have to be "ciwi" here -- this wallet was a success yeayyyy.....
this time, i used 2-layers heavy cotton but only outer fabric was lined with interfacing. And the interfacing only lined the middle parts -- about 1/2 - 1" of the edges were not lined with interfacing to make sewing easier!!
Well, my straight lines stitches were still crooked but heyyy who cares.. i sewed a mini wallet ok!! heheheh....

the inside -- zippered coins & cards compartments. Closure using velcro tape. (err i was to eager to snap a pic. U can see the velcro was not done there -- i subcon the job (hand sew) to my maid hihi... )

Just google for 'fabric basket tutorials' and see if you can follow the tutorials. One of them is from ayumill's blog, but this one i followed another tutorial here, but silly me thought 'cm' can easily be converted to inches, so my measurements were all 'out'.. (eg 20cm is 8", and 6cm is 2.5" and i rounded up everything. The prob occured when i was trying to attach the inner fabric to the outer fabric huhuhu)!!! Anyhu... managed to sew them together after much difficulties!!! That's why you need time to understand the instruction and the units used in the instructions!!!! (note to self -- since i'm more familiar with inches on my ruler, better stick to instructions that uses inches!!!)
for this, i used thicker interfacing, but quite difficult to turn the pieces... so my basket ended up looking 'crushed'!
i plan to make a bigger basket to stuff my stuff hihi..
again, i tried these because they are cute!! and i want to practise sewing a zipper...
among the tutorials that i read before sewing them..
here, here, here... and many more.. just google and pick!!
u can make a cosmetic pouch, a pencil box, or pouch for just anything....
i love this print so much... and it turned out sooo pretty!!! this is using cotton fabrics lined with medium thick interfacing. the lining fabric also made fr cotton.


Boxy pouches for mummy =D
both are lined pouches, the blue one with tab (but was put on the wrong side hahahha)
This pouch is so cute, so i can stuff my sewing threads!!

So.... If i can sew... U can too.... Jom menjahit!!!!


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