Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hafiy is 7.5mo

Time flies... Very fast! It's 2013!! And mummy's birthday pon dah lepas....

Hafiy just turned 7.5mo!
He already crawled at the age of 6months. Had his upper teeth at 7mo -- yes he has 4 teeth now \O/

At 6mo check-up he was 7.8kg, 66cm long.

He started his solid at 6mo... He had tried sweet potatoes, spinach, pumpkin, pear, apples, zuchini, beetroot, potatoes, brown rice, dates, apricots and many other recommended food for babies.. He likes them... But of course not all of them. He loves sweet potatoes or pumpkin combos... Maybe he loves the sweetness...!! I would too hihi..

Now at 7+mo suda boleh berpaut & berdiri!!! Omg! He's very qwik! He has very strong legs!!

I cant believe that my baby has grown up!!! In no time, he'll be on his own feet... Oh noooo.....


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