Saturday, June 6, 2009

lunch @ Chilis

this afternoon, we planned to have our 'anniversary' lunch @ Bombay Palace, Jln Tun Razak sbb my DH teringin nak makan Northern Indian food.. teringat zaman2 berchenta student dulu yg selalu dating kat Restaurant Kashmir lah tuh hehehhe

we made a reservation @ 1.30pm but we were a bit late. Plus we missed the entrance. It was almost 2.15pm when we made a u-turn at Jln Ampang (the restaurant takes their last order @2.30pm so we just thought that we maybe cant make it on time). So we just decided to go straight to KLCC instead, and just have whatever in KLCC.

KL Suria ~ cant remember when was the last time we were there. (last few months we just made a visit to the park with the kids).. so we planned for lunch @ Dome or Chili's.. finally we went to Chili's since we never try it before. We had our BIG lunch with starter - Classic Nachos, mine- Jack Mushroom snd my DH - Avocado BeefBurger (or something like that), bottomless OJ for DH and ice lemon tea for me.... [at first i wanted to have steak but later decided to try on something else, maybe steak next time for me..]

hmm.. we got a table near a window with nice view of the KLCC park and fountain (but fountain off lah)..
muka ku yang poyo kebuluran
Jack Mushroom Combo ~ sorry lah dh half-consumed.. lapo sbb dah kul 3 lebih masa tuh! Sampai je terus ngap!!
DH's Burger ~ sedap gaks!
"THANK HUBBY for the lovely lunch.. not the lunch or food that counts, but the moment we spent to appreciate the relationship... LOVE YOU SO MUCH.. muahhsss **"

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