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Cloth pads: reviews

i've been procrastinating to write the reviews on the CPs, so this reviews are for other mamas (CP-converted or non-converted)... in my attempt to lure u more into CPing... (hahahah racun baekkk punya)

my first impression with CP was "yucks... am not going to deal with the blood!!" but then when i think again, i still wash my dispo pads, so what's wrong with washing my own washable pads? and i've been dealing with patients blood (and worse than that, i better not reveal it here hahah) day in and day out of my life, so what's wrong with dealing with my own blood???
so, here i am now... i think i've been more than 8 cycles of fully CPing... and i'm more than happy with the results... i already donated my dispo pads to my maid, but to my shock, she also agreed to join me in CPing... my next plan is to convert my SIL who's living with us to CPing too....

these are my 'stash' shot (without the snowdrop pads)

the snowdrop pads -- regular plain (my maid's), 4 plain liners, 2 printed regular (light mist) and 2 printed mild deluge.

so here are my reviews....

MY REVIEWS: (is solely based on my personal experiences)

Mamapatch fleece pads:
- my first CP that made me fall in love in CPing... love the fleece-topped, easy to wash off the stains. Soft & feels dry to the skin.
- i use the long pads on first 3 days of menses or night time (but prefer to wear daytime cos very comfy & feels dry); and the regular ones on lighter days.
- but this pad is thinner than Snowdrops & Pleat, but i just like it that way.. It can lasts me for 5 hours even on heavy days
- the wings also covered with waterproof layers, so no worry abt leaking at the wings (or staining to ur panties) except when the pad is too soaked, the blood will stain the inner side of the wings.
- very beautiful Robert Kauffman's prints!!!!!!! (Chin Nee, pls dont make more drooling-looking pads, my poket kopak already hihihi)
- price: affordable. I dont mind spending more for a good comfortable pads like these pads. They are RM30/pc for 11" overnight pads.
VERDICT: I LOVE MP fleece pads

Pleat overnight pads:
- i customized the overnight pads to 11" because i'm more comfortable with long pads during my heavy days and at night time. Pleat only offers 10" long for their overnight pads. (this was based on MP overnight pads lenght)
- these pads are too thick to my liking :((
- the inserts will scrunch up when i wear them, so i dont feel comfortable.
- the wings have no waterproof layer, so the blood easily leak to the wings and panties
- flannel tops is quite hard to remove the stain. Moreso with light coloured fabric
- price: i bought this as a package buy, but i paid slightly more for customized longer pads. And at that time, they offered free shipping. So, I paid quite a good price for them. Normally, they'll cost you US$36.99 for 5 overnight pads and then u have to add shipping cost.
VERDICT: i dont like the thickness, and the non-waterproof wings. So i only kept 3 of these pads and sold another 2.

Snowdrops Mild deluge:
- i received this as a tester (thanks Nisa, owner of the Baby Snowdrops company)
- this is can be considered overnight pad, but they have a longer one called heavy-stream pads. I tried this and i'm comfortable enough with the thickness & the length
- the printed one will be the side that'll touch your skin, the waterproof layer is velvet.
- silly me wore it upside down the first time i used it. Cos i so used to have the 'plain side' touching my skin...
- wings is waterproofed
- i love the design -- wider back. This is just what i love for a heavy-flow & overnight pads. Even when using a dispo pads, i'll use overnight pads (long and wide backed) for heavy-flow days -- so this is really a bonus feature!
- the top is lined with flannel, and just like any other flannel, stain is usually quite hard to remove but exception with this flannel, but maybe because it's a printed fabric so i dont really see the 'stains' *shrug*
- price: very affordable. Ranges from RM18.50/pc (plain) to RM22/pc (printed fabrics).
VERDICT: i like what i've tested, so i ordered more... the plain one is yummy too, i might hoard the plain ones for myself later lol

Mamapatch flannel:
- i just tried this once. Not much problem with this. But i only use regular pads on my day 4 and beyond when my flow is lighter. So, definitely no leaking problem.
- wings is waterproofed but smaller than what's on MP fleece pads
- flannel -- so far still ok, dont see any stain yet
- price: very very affordable. Ranges from RM30/2pcs (regular pads) to RM45/2pcs (overnight 13" pads)
VERDICT: just love it as it is. I only keeping one, and sold another one to my maid ;)

Randumosity regular pads:
- i love the velour-topped, soft and the colour is classy, black you... but hate it when i can't see my blood on it hahha
- it's regular but i usually use them during medium-light flow cos the length is i believe slightly longer than other regular pads (i gotta check the length, i forgot edi)
- washing - no prob with the black velour, cant see any stain anyway. But the pink flannel also somehow softer than other flannel that i have. I LOVE the pink one.. it just pretty!!
- wings - no waterproof layers. I always have leaking to my panties if i used them during my medium-flow days
- price: US$7.25 (velour regular) / US$6.50 (regular flannel) plus shipping (but she offers free shipping with purchase >US$35 -- if nak, beli banyak atau share dgn kawan
just happy to have them in my stash ;)

Randumosity mini pad:
- i got this by mistake. I ordered regular pads, but i received the mini pad. I did not realized it until after quite sometimes. (hate to tell you that i waited almost 2 months for my order to arrive )
- lenght is 6.5"
- nothing interesting abt this mini pad, just imagine that it's a liner with waterproof layer. So only using it during my last days of menses or when u are expecting your menses.
- price: US$6.00 (flannel) / US$6.75 (velour) plus shipping

Mamapatch Teviron pad:
- i got this as a tester. Very thin, but can last me for 4-5 hours. Like i said earlier, i only use regular pads on day 3 or 4 onwards because of confidence issue. I dont really have heavy menses, but i'm still concern abt leaking (although i never have that issue with CPs except at night during my first few experiences using CPs)
- i tried this first time on day 3 or 4, and second time on day 2. Surprisingly i came out without any leak after 4 hours at the office (phewhhh...)
- the top is special, lined by teviron layer --> you can read the reviews from other testers in diaperasia forum here
- no leak, wings waterproofed
- quite hard to wash but no stains. Imagine the teviron fabric like a gauze (the one that doctors use to wipe/cover the wound -- kain berjaring2 tu)
- price: The price is not revealed yet. Just wait until they are marketed ;)
VERDICT: so happy to have the opportunity to have this in my stash hihihi

Sweetprettystuff pad:
- i received this as tester too (sorry Sylvia, i havent managed to drop you any reviews, will this count?? hihiih)
- this is regular sized pad, and i just use it during my light flow
- i noticed the inner/insert is shorter than the actual length, so i'm not comfortable with that & i'm afraid i'll leak. When i measured, the insert just about the length of a liner or slightly shorter. So, no full coverage iykwim.
- the one i tested is the bamboo velour-topped -- so soft, i love it!
- the design: it's too wide, and when snapped, it scrunched up, i dont feel comfortable wearing it :(((
- wings are waterproofed.
- price: no idea, have to check with Sylvia @ sweetprettystuff
VERDICT: i believe Sylvia is still looking for more reviews from her testers, i'm sure she can improve the designs and make a good pads for all of us

so u have an idea of the length..
from left: MP overnight pad, Snowdrop Mild deluge, Pleat 11", Randumosity regular pad, MP flannel regular pad, Sweetprettystuff regular pad & MP Teviron pad

pads according to the sizes
top left: overnight / heavy-flow pads
top right: medium-sized - i'm using them mostly during my medium-to-light-flow days
bottom: regular and i'm using them mostly for light-flow days

the rest, come join me and other CPing mamas..... cloth pads are a healthy way... u'll be surprised on how CPs change your monthly 'period'... u'll be waiting for the menses to come just to use the CPs.. trust me... try them and u'll know what i'm talking hahahha


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