Friday, December 31, 2010

Babywearing - SSC: Kanga J vs XT

blog ni mmg dah lama di 'abandoned' and sekali sekala spammed with babywearing stuff... sbb nye tak sempat mau buat entry.. tp sekali sekala just copy & paste entry yg aku boh kat MBW forum...
ni aku amik gamba nak compare kanga J & XT... --> these 2 are up for sale sbb aku nak fund for my custom kanga slot.. check kat MyShoppe okeh ;) [tp kanga J lom sempat buat entry lagi, tp kalau kenan, leh pm ekk]
in these pics, Faris is 18-months-old, weighs around 10.5kg, height around 80 cm (ni aku ukur pakai fisher price inchworm, maybe kurang sket kot)

in Kanga J... Faris can arms-out easily... width still fits him nicely.. camane tau?? sbb the carrier still cover bum dia sampai behind the knees... kalau tak, kaki dia akan dangling @ terjuntai... so tu kira tak sesuai..

side view -- perfect for him. Tapi aku tak prefer carry dia dalam J ni kalau nak jalan lama.. sebab dia mmg CONFIRMED akan lena.. kalau lena kena pakai kan hood... tak best, kadang2 tak secure sangat, nnt kepala dia teleng kiri teleng kanan plak.. ciannn...

in the XT -- aku kelepet kan headrest. So bleh nampak sket beza tinggi body XT dgn J.. XT mmg tinggi sket (16" vs 15"), tp XT ni ada headrest dalam 7"..
but now bloo-kangaroo @ kanga comes with a newer version -- and X2, iaitu, J with headrest... so bayangkan J dgn headrest.

this pic with the headrest up.. the body still too high for him to arms out.. struggle sket mau kuar tangan...

ni gamba masa memula beli... Faris baru dalam 13 bulan... tenggelam kan... so masa umo 6 bulan and mungkin sampai 18 bulan, kanga J is a good fit... tp ikut jugak sama ada baby suka kuar tangan ke, simpan tangan kat dalam...

faris jenis suka tangan dok dalam.. pastu dia akan tido tak sampai 1/2 jam kena carry.. sbb tu aku prefer XT... senang tak yah pakai hood.. headrest will secure his head..

nota kaki: mintak maaf sbb bahasa rojak tahap cipan.. mengantuk sangat and kepala pusing lepas siap kan case write-ups and dissertation... arghhh

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Babywearing - SSC: Bamberoo SV

this is my 1st custom carrier, thx to my friend Wendy who passed her slot to me :D

read here about Bamberoo carriers

- this is standard size carrier, body measuring 16" x 17"
- the centre is white solarveil (SV) fabric -- breathable, suitable for warm weather like ours, and - also has UV light protection properties (so it claims)
- this is reversible using red mini unikko marimekko fabric, reverses to Riley Blake blue owl roll call.
- strap is canvas, navy blue colour
- extras : fabric marimekko print chest strap, webbing keepers and roll-up straps

i received this carrier just in time for IBW 2010 walk.. so this pretty carrier went to the 2010 IBW held in KLCC on 9th October this year... and join the photoshoot too
and this pic won me 2nd prize in "2010 IBW Contest: Family Babywearing" category

with my best buddy - puan DNNA =D

and today... it went to a walk in JJ, Tmn Maluri..

my carriers all come with 'sleeping dust'...

I LOVE this carrier.... very comfortable at waist and shoulder... body size is generous and can last for another year for Faris (IF i still wearing him). The waist is slightly thinner than Kanga waist and KP waist, but still comfy...

Friday, December 10, 2010

Yeayy.. menang giveaway

ingat tak this contest/entry??

and i won...

the "breastfeeding while babywearing" category...
honestly, i dont have many breastfeeding pics... this was one of the rarer captured moments...
alhamdulillah.. rezeki nama nye..

tgk sini

now tgh tunggu results utk contest IBW2010 yang lain... patut kuar 7th Dec, tp postponed to Sunday 12th... owhh ada can menang kah??? gamba2 sume agak poyo lah.. 'karangan' pon sangat berkarats...

tp sorang member [nama dirahsiakan] tu (*peace Rozy* - bukan nama sebenar lol)... dengar nye menang 2 1st prize.. iskk sangat jeles okeh... tp rezeki memasing.. and she deserved it after all her hard works tuh.. caiyok caiyok...

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Babywearing - RS: Sakura Bloom Dupioni Silk

i have tried Aja's Sakura Bloom Dupioni silk RS (ginger/champagne from essential silk series) -- TT'(temporary trade)'ed with my Apootaern RS. Thanks Aja..

when i first received it, i was ''terkesima' looking at the gorgeousness.. sangat lawa and exclusive.. now i know why some says silk is for special occasion... and the colour is pretty.....

but the fabric agak 'kejung' but not papery stiff, tapi kejung lah.. isk susah mau explain... i thought silk supposed to be soft, 'drop & silky' grrr i donno how to explain ..

i've tried this twice, jalan2 luar rumah and jalan2 kat Jusco after our dinner on the same day...

memula tried, mmg BEST.. very sturdy for a heavy kiddo... the feeling mmg best lah... weightless..

shoulder -- it's gathered, i can do gathered but i just dont really heart it!!

easy to thread, no problem at all.. it's not slippery
but i wrapped the rings with the tail because like i said earlier, the fabric is 'kejung' so the tail macam kembang semangkuk semacam.. and the tail quite short but OK to me (length is approx 71" -- mmg Aja beli pendek ye Aja??).

ni gamba tail wrapped around the rings. Takde plak gamba tail lepas ke bawah, blame my 'daddy'razzi who focused on mummy & baby but the slings grrr....

it's quite wide, tp still OK...
that it's reversible.. i can opt to ginger and show off a lil bit of champagne colour or vice versa...

haaa ini bokti nye... my 'daddy'razzi just focused muka model je... orang nak suruh amik gamba RS yang chantek itu....
the shoulder, maybe better if i could get it higher and spread the sewn part for some padding-effect ehh??

okay, the same night we went out for dinner, (ingatkan dinner only so just bring this RS), tp after dinner decided plak nak merewang dalam Jusco... so i carried my sleeping baby in this RS... aiyoooo sakit pinggang laaa... cos he was in a T2T position.. and i was trying to balance him sum more... but surprisingly, shoulder not too bad laaa (despite it was one-shouldered sling), but with gathered shoulder, my hand movement is restricted.. and he was practically in a front carrying position, susah sket la mau handsfree pilih2 barang...

but my backache is DEFINITELY not to blame the RS... but blame my 16mo DS2 then (weighed around 10kg i think).... i wish i could try this with smaller baby... mesti syiokk!!!

all in all... i HEART this silk RS....
thanks for lending me this beauty Aja....

Sunday, November 7, 2010

MBW International Babywearing Week 2010 Giveaway Contest

Lama tertangguh entry yang ni sbb nye tak sempat mau belek2 carik gambar. Tapi since hari last day, kena jugak buat... errkkk boleh lagi kan??

ni gambar MBW IBW Walk 2008

It's soooo simple, just follow the rules here


FIVE Chico sling bags worth RM30 each, sponsored by Tiny Tapir.

These are my photos for each categories:

-Babywearing A Newborn (0-2 months)

ni masa Faris umur 45 hari, mummy kena attend weekend course in Penang. Nasib baik ada sling ni so senang nak bawak gi jalan2...

-Babywearing An Older Child (1 year old and above)

my first SSC (soft structured carrier) - carrying my 5 year old daughter, Fatini. Owhh.. SSC sangat best for backcarry!!!

-Babywearing And Multitasking
i can't think of other pic... babywearing memang sangat boleh multitasking, one of them is carry another baby (or toddler) with your free hands...

-Breastfeeding While Babywearing
BF dalam ERL on the way to KLIA masa nak balik kampung... owhh thanks to this brilliant invention! BF can never be this discreet!!

-Child Baby Teddywearer
Fatini pon sibuk mau BW her teddy bear... kalau boleh dia nak je BW Faris, tp takut plak la tumbang sama2 nanti hihihi

okay, sempat lagi kalu nak join ni, dateline hari ni... oopsss.. cepat cepat!!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Babywearing - SSC: PT DC Neo

today am feeling 'reviewing' all SSCs that i owned or have owned.....

my 4th SSC was Dream Carrier..
size: petite toddler / standard -- petite toddler is the body size - it comes in petite toddler (PT) 16" tall (or 17") and Toddler (18").
standard refers to the strap length -- if u are petite, u can custom for petite strap (petite meaning shorter padding strap so u can cinch higher up) [well, custom slot is so hard to get, u gotta stalk for one, dont ask me how, i donno!! or another alternative is FSOT )

style: Neo (curved shoulder strap), full buckle
hood: attached hoodie hood
print: 'tak tau' on plum brushed twill

i bought this in August (if tak silap) from Rita, an MBW mama who has many surprises carriers/slings *winks*.

this carrier did not work on her cos she's a petite mama. She needs a shorter/petite strap....

it has curved waistband. Note the curved/contoured shoulder strap -- it really great for backcarry!!!!

my first impression -- i drooled on the plum colour!!!!! really love the colour!! the print was not my favorite, but it matches the strap colour so well....

dapat je terus try 'pakai' Faris... sooooo comfortable... esp for backcarry!!! Tak sampai 5 minit, Faris terus tido... padahal tgh makan epal tu...

tengok lah tu... tangan and mulut ada epal lagi tau....

my 1st verdict --- mmg sangat best. Waist best, shoulder PALING BEST!!!!

so, that weekend, aku test drive kat Midvalley during the Parenthood Expo -- meeting few MBW mamas...

i frontcarried Faris... but then, about after 30 minutes, start feeling shoulder strains... erkk...
but Faris fell asleep as usual...

for frontcarry, i got to wear him lower at hips cos he's tall & obstructs my view...

after the meet-up with MBW mamas, we all gi jln2 kat MV, this time try backcarry... erkkk still shoulder strain!!!

look at the waist.. it's not horizontally aligned... was it Faris weight??? Pushing the waistband down and pulling my shoulder down??? arghh.. i hate to admit it... maybe i cant do the curved waist... huhuhu

so, this pretty PTDC is SOLD to another mama... tak try lagi lepas tu sbb takut aku sayang nk let go... tp takpe, tak jauh pon pegi nye, anytime bleh 'pinjam' kan kan kan...

okay my reviews:

prints: strap colour is my fav!! the brushed twill is great. my o&a n kangas are all canvas straps. but the print not my fav! but it is very light yellow... cun jugak..

shoulder strap: the NEO shoulder is GREAT!!! sukaaa sangat.. actually takde la pelik for frontcarry, but BC is the best la.... the width & padding is OK. Compared to XT, XT's shoulder is stiffer.

waistband: it's curved 3pcs structured waistband, i blamed the curved waist. At first it was great, but for longcarry, i donno....

hood: style hoodie hood, attached. I always love the attached hood! senang & it wont be misplaced.. but this was my first hoodie hood -- it's soooo huge. I think i never put the hood on, no point!!! it doesnt support Faris head as it supposed to!!

body size: this was 16" tall body, base width - x sure plak, maybe 15 or 16", quite wide for smaller baby..


- love the shoulder, unfortunately i had shoulder strains with it.. :(. i blamed the curved waist cos i tried PTDC with straight waist, it felt better!
- i did not keep it long... i wanted to move on while there's a buyer lol...

confession: given another chance, or if i have extra fund, i'd like to custom my own DC, a Neo definitely.. with straight waist...

DH says: ok je... hmm mmg buang karen if suruh dia review... sume ok to him...

Babywearing - SSC: Kanga XT

The Kanga-XT is the carrier that bridges the gap between toddler and big kid. I've had many people ask about a carrier that will be able to grow with their child after they are too big for the Kanga-J. If this is you, this is your carrier! Since the sides of the XT are only 16" tall, children who are just beginning to grow out of the 15" Kanga-J will be able to ride easily with their arms out. This creates less strain on the adult's shoulder's and back since their arms are not pulling on the sides of the carrier. Since the Kanga-XT is rated for 60lbs, one could easily use their Kanga-XT from around 12-14 months (depending on the height of the child) until that child was 4-5 years old and beyond. Talk about more "Bang for your Buck!".

The Kanga-XT has several features that won't be found on other carriers;

•Side extensions instead of pleats, darts, and deep contours

•High 7" padded head/backrest.

•Low 16" sides for easy "arms out"

•A carrier to grow with.

source here

i bought this lovely carrier from an MBW mama (who bought it over from TBW FSOT)

bought it in July when Faris was almost 13mo.

it's Melrose prints on Jalapeno canvas strap. Comes with a printed flat hood (removable).

the XT is the one on the right. Next to it was my 1st SSC (16" O&A -- sold to another mama). i love the print, though flowery but the colour is gender neutral (GN)

my 1st try. Faris was almost 13mo, weighed about 9kg.

front carry...

My reviews:

- pretty print!
- though the strap colour is not my most fav colour, but it's ok, as long as it's GN and easy to match!

shoulder straps:
- it's standard size. I almost cinch it to minimun setting. Very comfy. No shoulder strains.
- it's straight strap, but i can do backcarry without the chest strap.
- it has the legs extension, so no webbing touching my LO's skin!
- legs extension also extends the base from 14" to 17"

- no webbing waist -- all fabric. nice.. no digging but hard to re-adjust. Esp if need to reset after sharing with DH
- it's straight 3-pcs structured waist -- i love the 3-pcs waist-- it moulds my waist nicely
- it can be use at waist (unlike O&A, it is preferable wear at hips due to curved waist). So u can have high backcarry with XT! (in fact with other Kangas - J & X too)

- cool. Since Faris always i repeat ALWAYS sleeps when carried, this headrest really a saviour. I dont have to worry to put on a hood. I never use my removable hood with XT! i guess i never need one!
- some says the headrest looks like a space gear or something but it does serve its purpose!

chest strap:
- webbing chest strap comes with the carrier. But easily displaced i think.. i prefer if the hest strap is secured in a 'rail' like on KP!
- if u are customing, u can ask for fabric chest strap...


- it's a great carrier, that i dont regret buying, seriously!
- the waist is the COMFIEST waist i ever tried. (i've tried O&A, Beco, Angelpack, DC and Bamberoo, yet to try KP)
- Faris felt weightless, but with time (now he's almost 16mo), sometimes i can feel the shoulder strains, but it still bearable! esp if i loosen the shoulder strap. Probably his weight is pulling my shoulder. But when i tighten the strap, i felt him too 'squeezed' against my body. Perhaps i need a carrier with seatdart so he can sit more comfortably, or not?
- i wish he'll be a bit taller than he is now, so he can arms out quite easily. Though i know he loves to arms in, but if he's arms out, he looks comfier rather than the 'terkepit-look' with arms in!

what i wished on my XT:
- webbing keepers -- to keep the excess webbing, like my O&A
- rail for the chest strap
but these are minor.... i can live without it :P

- DH says: the carrier is very hard to adjust (the waist setting esp). He hates it! (he keeps comparing with my ex-O&A erghhh geram betul!! cos he made me feel guilty for selling the O&A, but now not anymore cos i have other carriers to replace the O&A hihihih) but he never tries backcarry. I dont know how to convince him to :((

confession: I'm going to make a custom XT in Marimekko print. I want it in purple or eggplant straps this time... i always want a purple carrier --- it's GN. I cant do pink but i dont like the boring blue boyish colour!!! (so, this carrier is going for sale when my slot is up... )

Faris slept in the XT... i dont need hood... his head is secured!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

International Babywearing Week 2010

6th to 10th October is International Babywearing Week...
this year, the theme is - Safe Babywearing : Enjoy the Benefits

come & join Malaysian Babywearers Walk this Saturday.

Venue: KLCC

Date: 9/10/10

Time: 11.00am

details here

let's wear your baby & enjoy the benefits...

we have flyers too.. feel free to print or distribute to your friends and family members..

Sunday, October 3, 2010

my stash

saje nak update:

WC RS Fresh grapes
WC RS Gira 00
Mamapatch Silk RS -- pada Nonnie
Apootaern Reversible Linen RS -- travelling
CJ RS - Hawaiian Sunset
CJ RS -- otw

Jumpsac RS

L: Apootaern RS -- went travelling to MBW mamas; R: my 1st RS, sold to a happy mama

my WC RS

my latest edition -- Comfy Joey RS, love the colour!!

Apootaern pouch

MLC pouch -- donated to MBW library
TBL pouch

Mei Tais:
Black DIYed MT (by Dian)
Tea Time Tomato Melkaj

my DIYed MT

my 1st custom MT -- Melkaj Tea Time Tomato reverses to appliques -- pretty!!

Girasol Fire & Ice -- for sale
Natibaby Purple Palla Ussheri -- for sale
Girasol Symphuo -- travelling

Girasol Earth Rainbow

Symphuo wrap

Symphuo (top) & Fire & Ice wraps (middle)

pretty purple Palla

Kanga J - SpyroGyro on Sapphire
Kanga XT - Melrose on Jalapeno
Bamberoo SV Red mini marimekko reverse to Blue Owl Roll Call -- otw
another ssc - otw

AP Eco
Beco 4th Gen
AP eco

beco 4th gen

left: my first SSC O&A -- sold; right- my XT -- my best-est SSC!!

PTDC Neo -- love the strap colour, but i can't do curved waist!! :(

my gorgeous Kanga J

my 1st custom SSC -- Bamberoo SV Red Mini Marimekko reverses to blue Owl Roll call -- wait with me :D

stash shot (as of June 2010) -- "ini sume, SAYA yang punya..."


Faris dah besar & berat nih, aku banyak pakai SSC je esp utk jalan/outing lama. If kejap2 just pakai RS, senang...

well... AM I STASHIFIED? Will I ever be??


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