Wednesday, April 29, 2009

me & baby @ 32 weeks...

Fetal development in pregnancy week 32:fetus in eighth month

In the latest womb reports, your amazing baby has now developed sensitivity to temperature! This means you’ll probably get a swift kick if you put a hot pad on your ginormous belly. ---> oh yes... he will be very very active kicking especially when i am cooking..

For the Elton John lovers out there-- yes, baby’s got blue eyes. At this point, all babies do, although depending on their chromosomal disposition, this could easily change after birth (or even between now and labor), but for the time being, blue it is. ---> hahhh.. never heard about it.. but why blue?? if he is delivered now, would the eyes still blue?? hmmm...

Thanks to their recently matured lungs and a remarkably strong immune system, over 90% of babies born in their 32nd week, survive premature births. So it’s pretty much a done deal. Even if your little monkey’s planning on heading out early, their survival odds are in everyone’s favor. Time to celebrate (no, no, wait until after the birth to crack open the champagne!) We’re talking baby-showers and alcohol-free punch! ---> err.. though sometimes i wish i would deliver ASAP as he is getting 'heavier' and i no longer can bear my own weight too ... well, i would give him another 4-5weeks lah, let him mature more in my womb as that's the best place for him to grow bigger and more mature and wiser and etc.. "but baby, dont get too big & make sure u turn your head by week 36 ehhh"

And how's mom doing?

If your family or significant other is around and involved, it’s probably time to start discussing what’s going to happen when you really go into labor. ---> lom discuss lagi..

Of course, the delivery itself can be quite overwhelming for first-time viewers, so make sure and openly discuss the fact there will be blood, sweat,mucous, and possibly even a bit of poop (if you didn’t know already, it’s likely that while in labor and pushing, you also push out a bit of the ol’ number 2—it’s totally normal if not a little disgusting). ---> thank God my hubby wont be disgusted by blood & mucous as he also works with that hahahha

Even the weak-stomached birthing buddies can still help to make the labor-process more bearable with breathing assistance, massages, and constant reassurance and cheering: "Yay! That was a great contraction honey!" (Now run! Before she breaks your wrist!). For the more blood-bold and not so faint of heart, the positions of cameraman, baby-catcher, and/or umbilical cord-cutter are always available—just talk to your doctor or mid-wife beforehand so they can be prepared to deal with an extra person during the birthing process. ---> i dont think that would go as u planned... so just let it happen naturally i guess

Surprise! Your third trimester symptoms aren’t going away yet. If you just got back from peeing, you already know that your bladder is nearing non-existent-land. These joys will persist till you’re on the birthing bench. Also, be careful of lightheadedness during these last weeks. Your blood tends to pool in the lower limbs, resulting in low cranial blood pressure. So, watch out for the head rushes and get up nice-n-slow after sitting for long periods. ---> yeahh.. i think baby is comfortably sitting on my bladder and sometimes happily kicking the bladder.. ingat bola kaa??

other symptoms that i'm suffering most are:
1) TIREDNESS -- masyaAllah kalau balik keje tu rase cam nak tido je.. penat sgt, padahal bukannye teruk sgt keje kat lab tuh (buat masa ni lah).. selalu balik je rumah, dudok2 kejap, then naik mandi & solat kalau tak solat lagi, then turun dinner (i have to let my maid cook dinner for us as i really really really tired to cook, sorry sayang), then naik solat maghrib. Pastu kalau mata ni tak tahan sgt mmg terus tido.. kalau tak, buat keje sket or surf the nets, pastu kul 10-1030, sure dah ZZzzzz... baca buku mmg liat sgt.. isk
Today my DH is oncall, so senang sket citer hehehhe, ptg pas asar td dapat nap kejap.. lega sikit.. (kalau dia ada, kena la layan kan, takkan la pi tidoq plak, cian member pon penat keje gaks...)

2) kaki bengkak -- cam biasa lah especially approaching petang/malam.. so tido malam i will make sure my legs are up...

3) cramps -- arrghhh.. no matter how i try not to stretch my legs too much, the cramps still come once in a while, but lately it's more frequent... sabar sabar... 8 weeks je lagi the most... (hopefully)

hmm.. last week maid aku dh siap cuci2 sume baju2 baby.. daddy pon dh check playpen tu ok, cuma belum plan mana nak letak lagi.. but definitely kena letak baby dlm playpen, kalau tak.. tak tau la camane kakak & abang dia keje kan nanti...

dah booked mak utk dok sini selama 2 bulan tu.. kira 'paksa rela' tuh hehehhe.. yelah, by 3rd or 4th week (depending on kesihatanku & keje yg berlambak ke tak), aku dh kena masuk keje.. so, takkan la tinggal ngan maid terus, at least kena la ada orang tolong tengok2 kan gaks.. harus kelam kabut gak maid ku nanti dgn nak uruskan 2 hero/heroin tu, dgn baby lagi..

pastu dalam bulan ni nak kena order set bersalin etc. By mid may dah kene la aku kemas barang2 ekk.. alahaii.. ni yang lemah sket hehehhe masa 1st baby dulu semangat gaks, lagi satu sbb dok jauh pon.. bila dgn Haziq still semangat lagi though duduk dekat je ngan spital.. tp yang ni cam 'males' je.. maybe belum lagi kot.. tunggu few weeks lagi...

tu je...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

makan-makan @ Al-Rawsha

last Sunday, ntah apa mimpi my DH ajak gi makan kat Al-Rawsha.. actually dh beberapa minggu dok nyebut je.. i ok je.. hehehehe

it's located at Jalan Damai, Ampang..

kids enjoying themselves before having the heavy lunch

we ordered Chicken Mhandy (ntah betul ke eja??) , Lamb Mandhy & humus.. macam tak banyak but u should see the rice portion. 2 orang makan pon cukup.. tp we all leh je abiskan berempat ehh berlima lah , sbb bebudak ni makan pon leh tahan gaks.. tp lepas tu, perut punya lah penuh.. nak bangun pon tak larat errr that's referring to me and my 'extra baggage' :D

humus makan dgn roti as appetizer
humus ni i think made of chick peas.. sedap gaks
Haziq suka sgt roti & humus nih (tp dia cicah olive oil not the humus)
Fatini makan roti je sambil main kat 'playground' tu

main dish: chicken mandhy
and lamb mandhy

balik tu ingatkan bebudak ni akan 'pengsan' la dlm keta, tp tak pon sbb ckp nak singgah Tesco.. then we stopped by kat Tesco Cheras for some groceries shopping.. balik tu baru lah semua 'tumbang'...

that's our Sunday...

faces of life

more of Fatini's drawings.. i think now is more like her phase of drawing faces & figures.. she has not yet ventured into drawing houses, animals etc

actually she brought the drawings up to show 'em to me last night, unfortunately i was fast asleep. So tak layan la drawings dia, i only realized them this morning.. (hmm.. bad mummy!! :(

both of them tried to wake me up for their 'susu' and diapers change.. what do u expect from a tired preggy mom who fell asleep at 930pm, huh??? Of course tak layan la, cos i barely can open my eye(s)..

They slapped my hands, pinched and not forget to mention Haziq did bit my hands few times and begging me to wake up (luckily i managed to stand it!! Tahan je wooo) and make 'susu' for them.. but guess what made me woke up?? a wet kiss from Haziq.. yesss.. i think he tired of waking me up in hard way, he used his charm that finally made me open my eyes and laughed with them...

ahhh kids.. love u both to the MAX!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

baby carrier - for sale

Used baby carrier for sale. Brand: Sweet Cherry
Still in good condition, used 2-3x only cos baby tak suka dok dlm tu.
Drpd dok dlm store je baik let go... ;)

Harga RM35 including postage.. (leh nego, just email me)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

budak comots

cerita2 bebudak comots utk kali ini :

Fatini selalu acting macam 'cikgu' ajar adik dia baca ABC or mengeja ntah apa bende. Dia sendiri pon eja tak betul lagi.

tp Haziq selalu jadi student yg degil -- selalu saje2 tak nak ikut apa kakak dia ckp/ajar. Kadang2 'hangin' jugak cikgu Fatini dgn Haziq.. siap naik suare gitu.. iskk.. kalau dia bebetul jadi cikgu, mmg jadik cikgu yang garang.. menurun sape ye ihiksss

muka bebudak comots pas makan calci yum

kalau aku umo Fatini dulu, pegang pensel pon tak pernah. Dh masuk 6 tahun gi tadika baru lah pegang pensel and belaja menulis.
Tp bebudak sekarang advanced. Umo kecik2 lagi dh main pensel/crayons etc.

tp main atas katil ni yang tak tahan tu. Kadang2 abis cadar tu kena magic color tu. Kalau sound kang.. 'terencat' plak semangat nak menulis2 tu.. dh la katil tu takde rupa katil dh.. itulah tempat diorang main kejar2, tempat lompat2, tempat menulis2 dan segala 'mak neka' keje lagi

Now Fatini dh pandai lukis gamba orang. Surprisingly not orang lidi. Aku dulu, gambar orang sure orang lidi nye lah.. memula tu terkejut gaks tgk ada 'gamba' orang dalam buku conteng dia, bila tanya dia ckp dia lukis.. aku agak tak percaya jahat mummy dia kann?? bakat anak sdr pon tak caya

buku tu penuh ngan gambar2 'orang', ada lelaki ada pompuan, ada gambar Haziq, gamba mummy, daddy and baby, sister etc. Tp bila aku carik balik buku tu tak jumpe plaks, anyway ni aku soh dia lukis balik live , she chose to draw her 'daddy'

tak percaya kaaa???

tulah gamba daddy dia, jadik kan?? At least gamba seorang lelaki, pakai seluar, ada muka, kaki tangan etc. (tp sorry kualiti pensel cikai menyebabkan gamba tak begitu cun ke sbb aku tak reti amik gamba? )


i started CDing (CD=cloth diapers) on Fatini since last 2 months. Since CDing malam je takde la terasa apape effects sgt. Meaning dr segi cost tak terasa sgt (sbb dia pon pakai satu dd je sehari), dr segi environment lagi la tak terasa sbb Haziq still 'menyumbang' dispo diapers (dd). Tp effect yang ketara -- mummy dia yg 'addicted' argghh helppp.. i've been bloghopping, 'window shopping' on online shops, and not too mention make an few orders too :p

For Fatini, i only used Happy Heiny's OS and Bumwear training pants (size L). Memula pakai honestly rase nak give up gak sbb dia 'bocor'. Bukan bocor sampai basah cadar, cuma kat celah kangkang dia sure basah. Tp now dh okay. Maybe sbb inserts tu dh fully absorb after washing many many many times. Bumwear tu aku try 2nd training pants bought from ridzs. Really cheap RM15 only cos RRP for new pants around RM62. Inserts aku pakai je inserts HH and coolababys yg masih tersimpan dlm lemari .

that's the bumwear training pants that i got from ridzs. Yang putih tu kita panggil inserts -- dok dia dlm poket yg ada kat pants tu. Fungsi - serap wee wee, coz the pants only line by fleece and PUL (waterproof layer)

ni gamba modelku -- oppss sorry model tgh tido, gamba diambil lepas aku pakaikan CD kat dia yg dh selamat tergolek tido

that's my model in HH OS CD Cow prints (if u are wondering, HH = Happy Heiny's, OS= one size) - bunyi cam bagus je guna short forms etc ekk.. does her bum looks so cute??!!!

Plan nak beli inserts hemp or bamboo cos ramai ckp they're more absorbable. Tp tak terbeli2 lagi.. cos aku suka beli byk2 sekaligus utk jimat on postage tu pon berkira hehehe.. ehh mesti lah berkira, kalau setakat beli inserts doploh ringgit tp postage kena soploh hinggit, tak berbaloi ehhh so selalunye keje2 mengorder ni aku buat pas dapat gaji. Ku sanggup potong budget kat tempat lain hmm.. begitu addicted nye diri ku ini...

hehehhe having said that, ni tgh2 bulan pon aku made another order gaks.. [pstt gaji kan masuk next week?? ;)] Nak tau apa?? tunnggguuuuuuuuuuuu
inilah dia, the 'largest' package aku pernah dapat. Hadiah besday pon tak pernah sebesar ni *hints hints*
Rase sungguh berbaloi... tp kena tunggu 'model' baru kuar dulu

till then tata titi tutu

Thursday, April 9, 2009

baby @ 29 weeks

tadi ada ANC, my last ANC 7 weeks back.

Masuk jumpe Dr. Amy, dlm 10.30, lama gila tunggu, naik mengantuk aku sbb takde bawak bahan bacaan..

scan earlier -- baby's parameter corresponds dgn gestational age (cuma aku tak amik lak ukuran2 tu, but i know they're about 28+ to 29 wks la),

estimated fetal weight 1.42kg (besar ke OK ekk?? Kena cek buku O&G nih)

baby breech lak, pale kat my upper right side. Risau aku, but Dr Amy cakap "there's still time for it to turn, only worry when u are @ 36 weeks".. pastu kita leh ECV, hopefully successful, most multiparous successful bla bla bla

bukan apa risau tak pusing2 then aku kena C-sect ke apa ke iskk na'uzubillah.. dah la cuti 14 hari je..

then another worrying thing, i already gained 15 kg.. arrghhh Ya Allah rase cam belon dah nih... ni ada about 10 weeks to go ni, if aku naik lagi 1kg/wk???????????? FYI, dgn Fatini aku gained 20kg+ till term, pregnant Haziq almost 25kg till term.. yang ni??? ntah laaa.. we'll see lah

most of all, baby sihat, and still kicking alhamdulillah..
insyaAllah in 10-11 wks time, doa sume ok amiinnnn

shopping lagi

oh yess... rase tu hobi sejak azali, congenitally borned with it!!

semalam aku sempat gi SOGO, tp takde sale sbb hari ni baru start warehouse sale sampai ahad. Hmm.. takpe kot sbb kalu tak sure duit aku abis..

dalam takde2 sale ni, sempat gak aku rembat selai baju tido baby dgn booties and mittens satu set. Tu pon menahan 'nafsu' dari beli banyak padahal aku dah pegang 3-4 helai dah heheheh

pastu saje carik selai baju sorang utk Fatini & Haziq. Finally jumpe la spsg baju transformers utk Haziq and for Fatini dress PPG. They both LOVE it to the max, semalam pakai, petang ni pon pakai lagi... sungguh terharu diri ku..

semalam gak CD coolababy aku beli dari adikbongsu sampai (thanks yan).. it's my 3rd coolababy CD. my DH tak tau aku order lagi tu ssyyy

aku pon dh order snappi fitted CD dr alin276, tak baya lagi tp. Saje nak cuba. pastu kan pastu kan, ptg td aku order 2 lagi fitted CD kat sbb ada 50% less so harga jadik RM16.50/each. Aku nak try je, though takde infant size aku rembat je toddler size.. kalau tak muat kat NB, tunggu baby besar, baby sure besar ye heheh

masyaAllah.. dah banyak gak CD aku (3 AIO + 4 OS + 3 fitted [kiv]) cuma belum start CDing je lagi sbb baby tak kuar lagi hehehhe.. my upcoming project is jahit lampin into prefold and also buy some prefold (dlm 1/2 dozen?) cukup la dulu, nak testing on NB. Tp tu leh tunggu next gaji lah.

weekend ni plan nak gi Nagoya beli kain sbb nak jahit barut baby.. cehhh bunyi cam aku yg menjahit, aku 'subcon' kat maid aku je, dia pon excited nak menjahit, apa salahnye kan.. hehehhe

hmm... CD is addictive, baru ku tau...

baruku tahu....

semalam abis jaga amali undergrad tu around kul 1145. Rase group aku paling lambat abis, tu yg masa discuss answers tu bebudak tu sume muka blur and boring je.. sekarang baru aku tau perasaan cikgu2 kita bila kita buat muka blur or boring kat kelas.. lagi teruk kalau tido.. isk..

kalau dulu masa F5, aku selalu standby 'buku' utk tido time kelas agama.. (isk kureng asem nye anak murid kan??!!) nnt bila sampai 'kantuk' ku, aku tegakkan buku tu and letak pale atas meja, aku bgtau member sebelah aku, kalau ustazah pandang/nampak, kejut aku. Tak pernah plak ustazah 'sergah', aku rase sbb ustazah tu kesian kot.. hehehehe

tp kalau 'tertido' tu perkara biasa lah.. cuma bila dah jadik student tua ni, aku jarang sket la tido, ntah segan kot?! tp time presentation kalau aku ngantuk sgt and mmg sure akan tido tu, aku carik la tpt tersorok sket hehehhe projek ZZzzz

hehehhe skrg baru ku tau perasaan cikgu2 ku dulu.. isk

so now nih, kalau students aku tido, aku patut biarkan ke kejut diorang ke marah diorang??? hmmmm...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

my first class

yuppp... i am a student

but on monday i just been reminded that i am a 'teacher' too...

i have to attend a 1st year practical class tomorrow because one of the lecturer is on leave... uhuk uhuk...

So, i have to do some reading to ensure that i can answer all the questions from the 'students... ahhhh leceh tul... (bebudak skrg berani bertanya, kita 'cikgu lak yang 'kecut' dibuatnya if tak cukup prepare la

aku kalau kena tanya ngan lecturer pon still nganga lagi

so wat am i doing now?? Still browsing the net, layan emails, facebooking, blogging and etc.. baru baca sket tadi masa kat opis...

okay, nak stop.. so to my students -- beware, i'll be asking u questions sebelum diriku ditanya hehehhe...

ps nak jadi cikgu yang garang ke ckgu yang baik ye?? Hmmm we'll see... sebeno nye dalam hati ni kecut gak sbb ni my first class uhuk uhuk


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