Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Mamapatch giving 28% discount on all her handmade items...
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Now, u gotta help me out...

i'm planning to grab Mamapatch Raw Silk ringsling...

why another RS? - saje suka suki..

and why Raw Silk?? I already have linen RS (honestly i LOVE linen RS!! it's the best!) so i'm thinking of trying other material... not cotton as i think it's 'warmer' than linen, but silk?? I heard it's cooling?? hmm... wanna give it a try..

i plan to have it in V-tail -- more stylo

also have a pocket -- easy for me to stuff my hp and baby's cloth towel in..

and this time i want a 'colour' RS, my RS is in Earth colour -- i went with natural colour then, so now i wanna add colour to it!!


this RS comes in 2 tones -- according to Chin Nee the Mamapatch towkey - the pocket does not look nice on the 2-tone RS, i'll take her word for that...

alternative would be single tone RS with matching colour pocket

So, i have to come up with a combo for the RS and matching pocket...

at first i'm thinking of creamy/burgundy OR Fresh spring

this is the cream/burgundy with V-tail. The burgundy fabric? I LOIKE!!! If Burgundy be my main fabric, would the cream match for the pocket?? or does it match with other color? What do u think?

this is the green fresh spring, look at the V-tail... if i to choose the green for main fabric, which green should i take?? The darker green and match with the bright green for pocket?? Will that be a nice RS IRL (in real life)?? or vice versa?? (hmmm now i'm thinking of the light green with dark green pocket.....)

this is the normal straight tail... that's what i mean by single-tone with matching pocket (err this one got no pocket i think?)

this is cool winter with straight tail and pocket.. this is nice too ehh...

your input is very much appreciated.. i need to place the order asap... hoping that i will dream of the right and nice combo tonight....
and,, don't forget to be the fan and enjoy the discount... ALSO the chance for the lucky draw (it ends tonight midnight though...)
THANK YOU... babywearing rocks!!

1 comment:

yaz said...

Yay for the V tail. Very nice. Nampak lbh sleek. Between burgundy & green..byk ssah decide..both lain combo tone.
Burgundy/cream..nampak contrast. The burgundy will surely pop. It'll look trendy
The green/dark green ..sama colour but different tone..very classy looking!
Tu belum color pocket kan..
U need to decide on the combo dulu lah..
But Norley..you know me good enough to NOT to trust me when it comes to choosing colours laaa..Hee hee.


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