Friday, March 26, 2010

My O&A : review

my first impression when i received the carrier:

- excited... of course!

- "cantik nye.. tak nyesal beli" - love the print, love the fabric

- BUT i hate the big buckles & webbings yang berselirat di sana sini..

pic taken from here

then after few times practising indoor and outdoor.. I REALLY LOVE THIS CARRIER!!

COME, look at the carrier's features...


1) In general: very sturdy and supportive to carry bigger, heavier child. Baby's weight is distributed over both ur shoulders and waist..

at first, i almost cry to see the big buckles and webbing. Rase semak sangat mata.. serabut & looks BULKY. (compare dgn ringsling memang la kan hahaha)

But kYaz convinced me that the big buckles and bulkiness that make it sturdy! and yup i come to agree to it..

2) Fabric & print: it's made of quality twill & cotton. The print is called "Flourish" on "taupe straps".

It's gender neutral (GN) bak kata kak Yaz, and true.. it's flowery but still can be worn by daddy...

3) Waist strap: easy to buckle unbuckle. Padding tebal and very supportive. I like the curvy pattern. It has dual adjustable straps ie u can adjust the straps from both side

4) Shoulder straps: soft padding but enuff for my comfort.

Cuma the webbing (strap utk ketatkan the shoulder) susah nak tarik - u have to pull it up to tighten. Kekadang kena mintak DH tolong tarikkan dari belakang.

Or, ku adjust siap2 then terus pakai je..

That is the disadvantage, bila orang lain pakai kena readjust balik....

there is elastic bands on each webbing -- to rolled up the extra webbing for more neat look!

5) Chest strap: it's called chest strap cos when 'back carry' the strap will be in front of ur chest ie slightly higher than ur boobs. When front carry, it'll be at your back -- slightly at or above your shoulder blade.

Tujuan - utk tak bagi shoulder straps terjatuh/slip from your shoulder.

It's easy to reach (to buckle unbuckle).

Tapi sebab soft padding at the shoulder strap, bila tarik chest strap utk ketatkan, shoulder strap akan 'berkedut'. But that won't affect the function much. The tighter the chest strap the better, but u will feel 'tak best' with the shoulder strap 'berkumpul/kedut' macam tu (err paham ke?)

6) Hood: it's non-detachable. It's good cos u wont misplace it! And bonus for O&A, it has a 'magic pocket' to stuff the pocket in when not in use.

The hood clip -- i hate it! They look fragile. Difficult to clip, unclip!

Before this they come with snap buttons, which makes the carrier reversible too! But with the D-ring on the shoulder strap (D-ring to clip the hood), this carrier can't be reversible (plus because of the harness)

7) Infant harness: Brilliant idea!! It's adjustable to 3 heights -- thus can be used from small baby to toddlerhood! (jimaatt kann??)

Prevents small baby from 'sinking' in the carrier.

Also as safety feature.

and a BONUS, u dont have to take out your baby when swapping the carrier to another user!!

Also easy / more confident to swap baby from front carry to back carry and vice versa.. (but i still need assistant!)

8) Seat dart: especially if ur baby is not so petite like my Faris bam bam . Seat dart makes baby more comfortable in the carrier. U will feel it too... if not, 'perut berlemak mummy berlaga perut' la i tell you.. lol

9) Folding: it has elastic strap to keep the carrier rolled up neatly, err.. i still dont master this! Still more room for improvement!

10) Price: aiyooo dont want to reveal here lah.. carik sendiri lah. I never tot that i would buy some thing like this, but honestly, IT'S WORTH THE MONEY I PAID FOR!!

11) Others:

- it's bulky! It requires space in your diaper bag! If not in use, aiyooo pening mau simpan mana..

In conclusion, this is way better than JS SSC when it comes to size. JS SSC maybe more for petite Asian momma... ME? Asian momma but not so petite... :p

When i tried compare with JS SSC, the disadvantages are :

1) Its body is rather small. For Faris, the tester SSC is just nice for him at his age now (though he can't arms out), but when he grew bigger/taller? I don't think the carrier would fit him anymore. -- maybe if JS can come with a bigger body? Custom-made maybe?

2) Hood is too? big. Detachable is ok, but if it comes with a pocket at the waist strap (like in Beco carrier) it would be an ideal to keep the hood.

3) Shoulder straps a bit too small -- wider maybe better. Err i'm talking about me - THE giant wide shouldered mummy..

AND I wish JS SSC can be custom made -- the fabric selections, the color for straps choices etc.. i know our resources are limited and our market is not as wide (yet), but some fabric selections and straps in various colours may attract more buyers?? Maybe...

WELL, if i don't 'meet' kYaz, surely JS SSC will be mine......... (i don't know if Syaz would entertain my 'custom-wishes'?)

Anyway, this review is based on my limited experiences...


Pah Zarihan said...

bes nyaa..cantik gile la O&A ni..
saya ada JS ssc je...
babywearing for me has no end...keep thinking to get new carrier tp sib baik la poket tak mengizinkan

scudmami said...

Pah... saya kalau tak beli this carrier pon sure beli JS gak..
and so true... BW is a never end journey, and sib baik poket tak mengizinkan, kalu tak asyik shopping je lah hahahha..


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