Tuesday, April 13, 2010

nak menang Mei's Mei Tai??

sume contest babywearing aku nak masuk and of course nak menang...

this time, Mei's Mei Tai is doing a contest... u can win your very own custom Mei Tai!!

ALSO, if they hit 1000 FB fans by the deadline (1 May 2010), 20% discount on all Custom Made/Instock Mei’s Mei Tai for all for orders made between the month of May ~ July 2010.

come join the contest now, join as their FB fan and invite/suggest to your friends... spread the babywearing love. BW is wearing your loved ones close to your heart..............


- this will be my first Mei Tai
- and it is custom-made by yours truly for my DS2
- i fall in love in MT after trying my friend's Mei's Mei Tai -- so don't u see that Mei's MT is destined to be mine?? ;)
- and last but not least, ku memang nak menang, masuk contest, sape yang tak mau menang??? so, i should be the LUCKY WINNER.. insyaAllah


1 comment:

Rozy said...

wah..ni xleh jadik nih.. grrrrrrrr..
kena join gaks nih


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