Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Apootaern custom RS

hi all.. i donno why lately i'm soooo obsessed dgn babywearing nih... and i've been buying one after another!!
this is another one... Apootaern Linen RS that i grabbed during their 25% off promotion...

Why am getting another RS?
saje gatal2 would be the first answer kot hehhe

well, FYI, 1st RS aku was Jumpsac Linen RS... i love it sooo much!! It was a great carrier and since then i never turn back from babywearing!

During Mamapatch's promotion, i wanted to have their silk RS.. so i got one! And the best of all -- i got it for FREE (baca sini)!!

And during Apootaern's promotion, i got this double linen RS!
and BEST of all, it was custom-made for me!!! THANKS A ZILLION to Kak Faten... dia sanggup layan aku, tolong amikkan gamba combo yang aku kenan, tolong bagik advise... uhhh Thanks kak Faten, muahhsss ;)
Considered aku nye special tau, sbb rase nye ni RS dia yang first ropa macam ni (betoi ka kak Faten??)

so... ini lah dia...
'HIBISCUS GROOVE' - Light Cream on Persian Indigo; tail accent Fuschia, Cherry Blossom & Asparagus....

(pic credit to kak Faten, yang selalu menunggu sang suria keluar untuk snap gambar)

GOOD JOB, Kak Faten... it's really gorgeous!!!

tau je dah sampai kat rumah Isnin tu, terus la terkinja-kinja nak balik try.. (kena try before DH balik supaya tak banyak 'komen' nanti hehhe)

nicely folded & packed with love...

can you smell the 'crispness'?? Fresh from the packet...

shoulder style: Unpadded pleated gathered shoulder
i'm spoilt with padded shoulder, but this type is ok too...
janji pandai 'susun2' or gather the fabric so that ada 'padded effect' sket..

the tail accent

one thing about linen, dia berkedut2.. but u can steam iron..
aku?? tak kisah pon.. pakai je hehehe malas punye pasal
and linen will soften upon use & abuse.. i like...

RS ni lebar, so bagus untuk craddle carry bigger/longer baby esp utk BF.

tapi bila hip carry or tummy 2 tummy, leceh sket sebab fabric tu lebar, so aku akan kinda lipat2 (atau kumpul2) kain belah atas and bawah so jadik padding utk belakang baby & kaki dia...

my verdict:

suka suka suka...

colour combo nampak very exclusive!!

thanks kak Faten :D

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Faten Rafie said...

Thanks a million Norley, it was a pleasure working with you on the RSapootaern :) Glad you love it. Yup! you are indeed the 1st owner of such RSapootaern.

Happy babywearing,


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