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of Washable Wipes

received an email from miabambina mailing list- The email goes like this:


With Mother's Day just around the corner, Mia Bambina will give away a WAHMIES WIPES for every purchase of RM 50. Don't miss this chance to start your WAHMIES wipes collection or just to add more in to your collection!

YUP...every RM 50 you will get ONE WAHMIES WIPES, and you will have 2 for RM 100 purchase and so on....



Affordable & comfortable parenting!

and me - goes toing-toing.. mula la gatal je tangan ni nak 'bershopping'.. actually mmg ada plan nak beli something pon (will that justify my act?? ihikkss)

and also makes me think of another sewing project since i have balance of printed flannel hmm.. "toing... menthol atas pale!!"

also the wipes case looks yummy -- tak caya?? cuba tgk sdr ihikss...

HERE IS SOME INFO I FOUND ON THE NET, actually i read from one of the mommas' blog, she also DIY her own wipes, but i cant remember where did i read it.. bloghopping nye pasal ---> haaa dah jumpe... cek kat sini ye kalu nak baca [me-czar, hope u dont mind, i suka2 je link kan blog orang..

Washable Wipes- What are they?
Washable wipes can be made of any washable material, but cotton, polyester fleece and bamboo work especially well. A good size for a wipe is 15-20cm square. Washable wipes are used in the same way as a disposable wipe, and can be used on faces, hands, bottoms, or wherever- then when you are done, just pop them in the machine alongside your nappies or regular laundry.

Why opt for washable wipes?
Over the course of infancy, it is easy to spend £200-300 on disposable wipes- compare that with a one-off spend of £10-30 on washable wipes and it’s a no-brainer!
A baby’s skin is 5 times thinner than that of an adult, and so will absorb much of what is put on it and disposable wipes are often full of chemicals, moisturisers and fragrances which can cause skin irritation. Remember, disposable wipes really haven't been around for very long, yet people managed just fine without them before!

How do I use washable wipes?
Really, this is entirely up to you, and you will find a method that suits you best. But we can give you the options.

1) Wipes can be stored in a wipe solution ready to use,
2) They can be stored dry and dipped in the solution as and when needed, or
3) You can keep a spray bottle handy and simply squirt when required. It really doesn’t need to be complicated!

If opting for option 1 though, be careful not the store the wet wipes for too lengthy a time though, as they can become musty and icky.

Handy Hint: Store your warm water or wipe solution in a thermos flask ready to use throughout the day. It will spare your baby from that cold wipe feeling, and will save you running the tap to get hot water each time!

What wipe solution should I use?
Again, entirely up to you. Wipe solutions can be as simple as plain water, you can buy a pre-mixed solution, or you can make your own. Solutions will typically contain:

Oil: To keep skin soft and help the wipe to ‘glide’
Soap: To cleanse
Essential Oil: For anti-bacterial purposes or scent
Water: To dilute the other ingredients and cleanse

If you opt to make your own wipe solutions, here are some of our favourite recipes:

Cloth Wipe Solution Recipes:
1) Simple Solution
Squirt of Organic Baby Wash
1 Tbs Baby Oil
470ml water

2) Chamomile (especially great for sore bottoms)
1 Chamomile tea bag
Squirt of Organic baby wash
240ml boiling water

3) Tea-tree and Lavender
1 Tbs olive oil
1 Tbs Lavender baby wash
4 drops tea tree oil
700ml water

(source: fill-your-pants.com)

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Nice reading your blog...
Hehe.. tak kisah pun. Sebenarnya sangat happy bila apa yang saya merepek dalam blog tu, can be benefited to others.
Gud luck for your sewing project!


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