Sunday, May 24, 2009

HaziQ goes green

last week, everytime got back from workplace, i noticed one or two Dream Eze fitted hung on the clothline.. eh pelik..
my maid said, "Haziq yg pakai, dia mintak mahu pakai"

actually i bought 3 DE fitted dari Suzy last 2 weeks, they are in purple, green & chocolate. All size L. Al-kisah nye, Haziq akan request nak pakai 'pampers barney' (maknanye purple CD), or 'pampers green' or 'pampers cekolet'. I assume dia kenan dgn colourful CDs tu..

ehh bagus nih.. at least dispo diapers can reduce 1-2 a day (heheheh, honestly for the time being, i'm more thinking of 'budgetwise' than 'environmental issue' per se cos that's more obvious. But i'm also proud if by CDing i can contribute something to our mother Earth)

but later, my maid mengadu lagi -- "Haziq kalau pakai 'pampers' ni bocor, kakak"

"laaa mmg la bocor sbb 'pampers' yang ni tak kalis air".

Before this, i've already mentioned to her, that fitted CD needs cover. So that night, ku korek 'CD stash' ku carik diaper cover. Actually i have 6 diaper covers that i bought 2nd hand from one of the CD mama.. but only 2 of them in size M, others are in S size. So, we tried them on, okay laa.. drpd takde cover langsung!

the 3 thirsties cover - green & purple in M size, blue S size

ni snappi fitted, bought brand new from Alin276. It's in size M kalau tak silap, so kecik sket on Haziq

mainly he rotates between the DE fitted and 1 snappi fitted, but then i was thinking, i might as well slowly 'pujuk' dia pakai my other pocket diapers ekk..

so this morning, i brought down other 5 pocket CD (2 happy heiny's, 1 bum genius and 2 coolababy). And today, he wore 2 fitted in the morning, and later he wears the pocket CD.. ptg ni he's in HH cow prints.. CUTE gile, rase cam nak suruh dia tak pakai baju/seluar je ihiksss..

alhamdulillah.. meaning he already used 4 CD from 9am till now.. so i SAVED at least 4 dispo diapers.. wow!!!! best best!!!

paling BEST - bila bgtau my DH about he's not wearing the dispo at all today, he was surprised gaks.. 'hmm.. at least berbaloi gak keje mummy membeli-belah CD nih ihikksss..'

and yg ku seronot gaks sbb maid aku pon suka je nak pakaikan Haziq CD, kira dia pro-CD cuma aku kena educate dia lagi, aku pon still belajar2 psl CD nih. Dia pon leh paham at least pakai CD, leh save duit.. okay lah tu..

**hopefully Haziq will continue wearing the CD esp during daytime. Utk malam, i'm still not confident. Hari tu pakai sekali fitted bocor belah depan (meaning leaking ke atas), despites with the cover. Bila bukak, belakang kering!
Gi jalan pon, tak confident lagi.. so let me 'master' CDing at home dulu... sikit2 lama tere la kan.. ;)


Bonnie said...

Hi Scudmumi,

night time diapering wt cd is easy if you found the right one. some fitted nt meant for night time, and if pocket with enough inserts, they can last long..

scudmami said...

You are right. I'm still trying to find the most suitable CD for night use for my 4+yo daughter.
i think, i'll take it a step at a time.. i'm so thankful when HaziQ starts wanting to wear the CDs ;).
[meaning i can go craze abt the CDs again hehhehe.. i almost giving up on CDs when he refused to wear the CDs and my dotter still leaks at times. I donno abt other new CD mommas]

SOHO Mama said...

Seronok kan kalau dah tak guna sposies lagi..? I feel like I'm really doing my part in trying to help save Mother Earth :)


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