Monday, May 4, 2009

of My 'Noble' Plans

yup.. today on leave (until Wednesday), plan to finish up my Case write up... but huwarghhh i left the draft in the office!!! Silly me.. actually i already forwarded the draft to one of my email address, but i cant figure out which email.. my continously turned me down-hampehh!! My zilch, nowhere to be found. I tried to reach my PPUKM email, but now has been more than 15minutes, it still trying to connect me.. isk

but i just sent an SOS msg to my junior in the office. She will forward the draft to me later.. but knowing how 'kura-kura' is the server at the office, i wont give much hope on it to be arrived soon.. think i just analyse my ESBL data first then maybe later or tomorrow i'll finish up the case write-up.. uhuk uhuk..

another plan was to 'strip wash' my CDs.. alkisah nye i was sooooo frustrated with Fatini's CDs.. they have been leaking almost every night lately...honestly, i almost give up!!! (please help!!)

Last night, i spent almost all night to read everything on CDs including prewashing, stripwashing, handling the CDs etc.. am sure CD mamas would know more than i am..

so i decided to strip wash all CDs and inserts this morning, but then my maid told me powder detergent (i use the ordinary Breeze je) has been out of stock since she knows when.. so all this while, she has been using Dynamo to wash the CDs.. was that the reason why the CDs have been leaking lately?? Maybe.. cos i read somewhere that Dynamo or any softener-containing detergent may cause detergent build-up and cause the CDs less absorbent

so later i plan to go and buy powder detergent or anything yang seangkatan dengannye eg Pureed HAD (some says TOP may do the trick, so i shall try that if i couldn't find the Pureen HAD which means i kena gi Jusco la ni )

ku dah selamat 'lari' ke Jusco tadi sebelum Fatini balik sekolah. Ku angkut HaziQ sorang je.. semata2 nak beli Pureen HAD tu. At last aku beli yg liquid senang sket rasenye. Tp harge boleh tahan ekk..? hehehe demi CDing!!
Then to make my journey worthwhile, ku jalan2 kejap beli 1-2 barang yg lupa nak beli kat Tesco semalam. Then bawak Haziq lunch.. saje suka nak layan dia sbb selalu dia kena tinggal.. ok, tu je. Ingat nak buat projek strip wash ni petang ni, hope panas sampai ke petang ewahh..

And last night, instead of putting Fatini in CD using 2 HH inserts, i put her in CD using Loopy-Do inserts and Kissaluvs doubler, i thought that might do some trick as she already peed before wearing the diaper.. but guess what??
At 2am, she was soaking wet.. worse than ever! I almost scream..
But i just took off the CD and put her into a dispo (as far as i can remember, it has been quite some time since she was in dispos) and just laid my DH kain pelekat to cover the wet mattress.. then later, it took me a while before i can get back to sleep - i kept thinking of what shall i do next to overcome this problem?????????

since this problem, i have been doing some 'research' and bloghopping, and i found some mommas use fitted or AIO diapers for their kids at night. But if i decided to buy AIO or fitted, will that solve my problem???
One thing for sure, it's quite difficult to find the right size for her as she already weighed 16-18kg (or maybe more) and has chunky thigh.. she also been fussy about this CDing probably because they're bulky on her bum compared to dispos..

I only found Micro Doodlez AIO to have large size to fit up to 45lbs (that is about 20kg toddler) i'm eyeing this rasberry sorbet one , others may be just up to 40lbs (err around 18kg) but knowing that some are really trim fit i would not rely too much on the size saying can fit up to 18kg toddler, i better go larger than that. But again a BIG question mark -- if i buy Micro Doodlez (that would cost me around RM79 + around RM20 for extra doubler), WILL THAT RESOLVE MY PROBLEM????????

by the way, i found this CD at, but no L size. [Farah, tak nak restock ke especially the raspberry sorbet???] and also at (also has limited colour choice for L size) isk..

but then, if i choose fitted CD, i have to use it with diaper cover, that would cost me more or less (more actually) the same with AIO but also extra task in using the cover on top of the fitted.. arghh leceh plak when i come to think about it!!

nway.. malas nak pikir dulu, i have other things to solve first plus stress is not good for me and baby... wish i could be like this (not being the orang utan, just relaxing like him...)

By the way, something to cheer me up:
yesterday i went to Shah Alam to pick up my freezer from lizafitri. I bought her 5 month old freezer.. so now i have new freezer *sengih* and thanx to hubby who sponsored the freezer.. thanks Liza, "saya beli ye.. Tp lom on lagi, nak tunggu lama sikit cos semalam kan dia 'baring' dalam kereta :D "

that's the freezer yang sudah bertukar tangan... (picture courtesy of lizafitri masa promo utk di 'let go' TQ!)

okay... the draft safely arrived in my mailbox.. so i better start doing some work now.. BTW, my PPUKM webmail server still trying to connect me (watt?? after more than 1/2 hr still cannot kaa?? iskk.)



Hasliza said...

awak..thanks yer beli freezer tu..daptlaa simpan EBM tuk baby bebanyak nanti..:)..saya add link awak kat blog saya ye

scudmami said...

hmm.. liza, tu la plan nye, harap berjaya.. a'ah.. saya pon add link blog awak kat sini.. nice meeting u and family. Since join and such, bertambah ramai kawan2 saya.. me likeee...

Yan said...

apakah ID kau di heeeee.. aku nak stalk kau ni..

scudmami said...

Yan~ perghhh nak stalk pon bgtau kaa?? ehehheheh

nway, ID aku cam nama blog aku laa.. mana ada org lain nak pakai nama ganaz gitu ahakkss...


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