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My 4th delivery story

Well, u know i had my last check up on friday 22/6/12 and how i was a bit depressed when prof checked, baby is still showed no signs to come out soon??!! -- cervix still unfavourable, baby still up high.. T_T

Honestly, i was depressed after that!! I did nothing, but prayed to Allah to make this delivery a speedy and ease one... I believed His plans are always the BEST!

So with a positive mind, i planned my weekend with the kids.. Since that weekend suppose to be a 'packed' one:

- fatini's school's open day (ambik report card), and also abang Ayish's birthday on Saturday
- haziq's sports day on Sunday

But putting those plans aside, i secretly hoping to deliver on Saturday so that baby will share the same birthday with Abang Ayish.. Hihi

So that night, i couldn't sleep. Partly, i was not sleepy cos i slept the whole evening sebab depressed . And partly because baby was active (but with very mild & bearable contractions -- so i dont think i'll be in labour soon!!) and i was thinking of 'how-to-get-this-baby-out-asap-but-safely'?? -- yes seriously!!

At 12am, i received a work-related phone call -- for urgent serology workup for 'needle-prick injury'.. I was thinking, should i pass this case to my colleague (since i'm on MC till Thursday) or i'll settle it tomorrow.. But heyyy "it was 12am and i'll settle it myself! No harm, it's my job anyway!! and i wont be in labour soon, right??"

I did not know what time i fell asleep until i woken up at around 2.50am feeling my panties wet. I thought i peed, but there was no feeling to pee. I got up fr bed and a gush of fluid came down! Oopsie i know it must be my water! Sign of labour!! O.o
I went to the loo, no show on my panties, just a clear fluid. And more fluid came down when i stood up/walked.
I woke my hubby up, told him and since it's only 3am, we donno if we should go straight away to the hospital or wait? I have no intense contractions, just irregular ones but still bearable!
But since fluid still gushing out everytime i stood up, so we decided to go to PAC, plus it's leaking liquor (amniotic fluid) -- there'll be risk of infection or u can go into labour anytime soon....

Arrived at PAC around 4am, had CTG done, it was reactive (baby heatbeats ok with few irregular contractions). When the on-call doctor did a VE, my cervix only opened 1cm!! So i was admitted to the ward first until nxt review at 8am. Prof was informed and since it may take few more hours, she will come over later.

I was admitted to Wad Sutera Room 7. I tried to get some sleep cos i knew i'll be in labour later. I need the energy!! Though I started to feel the real contractions later, but still irregular.. (i suddenly recalled the real contraction pain --- pain around the waist, down my legs and pain that made my legs cramped and my face crinched in pain!!!)
I couldnt get a good sleep, partly because i was anxious with the contractions.. My eyes kept looking at the toco reading on the CTG machine. But i managed to sleep for at least 1/2 hour straight at 6 am. Then i woke up, cleaned myself up (fluid still gushing out everytime i stood up) & performed my Subuh prayer sitting down.

Around 7am, breakfast was served -- i had roti telur & sausages. I must eat cos i was sure i'll be in labour soon..

8+am, Dr. A came and checked on me -- i already opened 4cm \O/

So, i was transfered to labour room, and i requested an epidural huhuhu... I wanna have a 'more relaxing' aka 'painless' labour!!

In the LR, the midwife buat VE lagi.. Iskk nyampah!! Then i had enema (to help me BO as prep b4 pushing!).. Then IV line inserted!! [Erghh apsal la letak kat wrist... Sakit le!!!] Then i was strapped to CTG machine-- to monitor my contraction & baby's heartrate.

Then Prof came, asked me if i wanna epidural or pitocin first? -- errr of cos i said "hepidural first plssss"... ;P

Then, an anaesth came, Dr. A**r -- he inserted spinal + epidural -- it was qwik, less than 10mins fr drape time.. Sakit masa inject local je, masuk jarum spinal/epidural x rasa langsung phewhhh.. Siap nyanyi2 tu masa buat tu..

Then start garu sana sini -- that was one of side effect of spinal anaesthesia.. But this was not too bad, i remembered during Fatini's, i was scratching like mad as soon as the meds got in -- non stop for at least 1/2hour esp waist down... Erghh...

Then pitocin was started... It was around 10.30+am kot.. And i tried to get some sleep... Once in awhile, midwife came in and asked me to change position as 'baby was asleep'.. So CTG 'tak cun'..

Near 12pm, midwife & MO came in cos baby's heartrate showed 1st degree/early deceleration -- heart rate slows down after contraction. Normally, the heart rate is slowed down during contraction, not after!

The MO examined, i was around 8-9cm opened but baby's head still at station -1. Prof was on her way *sempat ke ni??*

Tiba-tiba midwife & MO kalut2 cakap baby bradycardic (heart rate slow sgt), and she examined me again, this time baby's head was low and i almost fully-dilated. Dia suruh aku teran2 sket... "Deyyy!! Jgn buat aku panik bleh??"
Tp bila tuka position, heart rate picked up.. Tp aku dah rasa 'urge' bawah tu.. OMG!! I didnt recall that pain!!! Sakit nye!! Obviously the hepidural did not 'cover' that area!! So mmg sakit bila baby's head dah kat bawah tu..

Then Prof arrived and ready to deliver my baby... (rilex je prof ni.. Dah la slow je cakap..). Then nxt contraction, i was ready to push, but the contraction was too short and baby tak sempat keluar...

Next contraction, deep breath in and i pushed very hard but quite carefully as i dowan to tear like previous labours T_T.. I can feel the head down (uhhh i know i cant stop pushing!!), then i felt the head popped out, but Prof asked me to continue pushing, and suddenly i can feel the shoulder popped out... OMG!! Masa tu lega nye, Allah je yang tau.... Then Prof showed me my baby-- A BOY!! Alhamdulillahhhh.... He's so cute!! Lahir tepat pukul 12.35pm!! On 23/6/12 -- sama birthday dengan abang Ayish!! Uhh double celebration for us all!!
Baby cried and Prof put him on my chest, terus senyap... Tp midwife ambik and bersih2 kan dia and baru letak balik atas dada -- skin-to-skin! Senyap je dia... MasyaAllah... Ini lah yang mummy tunggu hampir 40 minggu.. Yang ni punya lah 'mencabar' sepanjang mummy pregnant ye... But, the wait is all worthwhile!!

Syukur kepadaMu ya Allah... Walaupon pregnancy agak mencabar, tapi delivery nye mudah.. Alhamdulillah... Yang penting, dua2 mummy & baby sihat insyaAllah..

Ohh mummy kena episiotomy lagi huhuhu sbb Prof cakap takut bahu sangkut sbb baby estimated 3.7kg masa scan the day b4. So kena la jahit lagi, tp Prof cakap dia 'snipped' sikit je.. Hohoho pasrah je lahhh... Sikit ke banyak, masih kena jahit huwarghh..

Midwife bwk baby utk timbang & bersihkan masa Prof jahit, dah selesai tu baru diorang passed baby.. He weighed 3.45kg.. Alhamdulillah... Tak besar sgt, abang Ayish lagi besar 3.54kg... Lps minum, i breastfed him, pandai betul suckling.. Latching pon no problem..

Then dekat pukul 2, baru transfered masuk wad balik. Nurses kat wad tukar kan baju baby, and dia dah selamat berak... Mummy had late lunch -- ada ayam & sayur pok choi -- telan je lah.. Lapar bangat!

Then start dari tu, baby mmg rooming-in with mummy. Takde sakit etc, maybe sbb epidural tu still kicked in.. Siap refuse celebrex tu.. Lol..

Daddy balik, mummy tido cuddle2 with baby.. Try jugak tido tp x boleh -- restless!! Around 4.30pm, aku bangun to clean up.. Masa ni ada rasa sakit sket kat tempat inject epidural, and contraction sikit bila baby BF.

Alhamdulillah... Semua nye selamat...

This was totally a different labour experience for me... Haziq's & Faris' were similar -- sakit tgh malam, masuk labour room straight fr PAC lepas ARM (artificial rupture of membrane) around 4am, delivered at 6+am. Haziq dapat epidural tp tak working sgt, aku still rasa sakit. Faris x sempat epidural, amik pethidine mengantuk sampai ke malam nye, meneran pon dalam mamai!!
Fatini lain gak, admitted for induction tp cancelled, ARM at 4pm, dapat epidural, had painless labour until nak push... Beranak pukul 10+pm..

But this one is more special.. Allah permudah kan.. Lahir sama birthday dgn abang Ayish, mummy x sakit tp pecah ketuban je, sempat epidural, had a relatively painless labour (beranak mana yg tak sakit?!! Tp 1st stage x sakit, tu yg penting.. So i had the energy to push for a quick & safe delivery)

Alhamdulillah.. That's all i can say..

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Yaati Nor said...

Tahniah..dah selamat besalin..say a pun dah selamat yek anak2 sam a bday dia.


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