Tuesday, June 5, 2012


lately, i'm bored with facebook!! same ol' same ol' story!! erghh....

i think i'm back at blogging when my time permits.. i love to tell stories of mine.. i love to share pics... in facebook, i think many of them are too judgemental... some are very 'fake', some are too busybody, some are giving sarcastic comments that they think are funny, but lil they know, it hurts sometimes.
And I'm sure some are bored with my pics (i'm sure they are bored with my kids' pics, pics of food that i cooked, pics of stuff that i sewed yada yada...)... and most of all, some are just not my friends pfftt....

so i need to clean up my FB friends' list... they are not my friend if they never say hie to me, they are not my friends when we never speak to each other... i hate adding people when they only ask an opinion in a group, and i replied, so they added me, thinking they have become my friend erghhh sorry to feel that way... cos i dont simply send 'request for friend if i never meet that person, so please please do the same... if u have met me, spoken in real term with me, found me worth to be your friend, then only add me... aku sombong? Hell i AM!!

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