Monday, June 4, 2012

Hospital bags' checklist

while am at it... i just paste it here...

Baby’s bag:

·         Dispo diapes x 5 --> some hospitals will ask for dispo dipes with baby's clothes when baby is born, so it really depends on the hospital's policy. Some private hospitals will provide everything and only ask for your own baby's clothing upon discharge.

·         Cloth diapers (AIO, prefolds, fitted) x 2 each --> depends if u wanna CDing from 0 hours.. i plan to give dispo first, then when baby is with me, i'll try to put him on CD.

·         Receiving blanket / Swaddle x 2 --> may not need these much cos baby will be swaddled in hospital's blanket after they were born and after cleaning up.

·         Flat nappies x 2 --> i just bring this -- donno for what LOL

·         Wipes/burp clothes x 3-4 --> just in case..

·         Baju & pants suit x 3 --> depends, if only staying for 24hours, 3 sets are enough. i packed 4 sets in my bag, all in different sizes. So depends on baby's size/weight... these are all new, no matter how many handed-down clothings fr previous child(ren), the clothings in the hospital bag are usually the new sets... i believe new baby must wear new clothes hihi...

·         Booties/mittens/hats x 3 sets -- up to you, usually i have them in a set of baju/pants.

·         Barut x 2 -- may not necessary for first day of life

·         Towel x 2 --

·         Toiletteries (baby bath, shampoo, powder, baby oil, lotion, baby wipes) -- i bring the travel pack/small bottle

·         Wetbag x 2 -- to toss soiled clothes / diapes

·         Ringsling -- if u wanna babywear your baby...

Mummy’s bag

·         Pink book / appointment book/card / GL -- A MUST!! these 3 things are in my handbag all the time now

·         Phone charger (& phone) [+ camera] -- never forget this! hihi.. (and i can never rely on DH for these... dia lagi panic and donno what to pack/bring once i'm in labour!)

·         Blouse/shirts (going home attire) -- donno which shirts to bring, some suggest maternity blouse cos u may still look at least 7mths preggy even after giving birth \O/..
       but i'll bring something loose with front button for easy BF.

·         Palazzo/pants/skirts/kain batik x 1 (going-home attire) -- i usually go home with kain batik je.. wear anything loose that you are comfy with..

·         Sweater -- u may need a sweater esp if the room is air-conditioned.

·         Scarves/hijabs1 that matches hospital gowns hihi.. hosp gown is purple... and another for going home..

·         Panties x 2-3 -- depends, u may need extra. Some suggest disposable panties, but i'm not comfy with the dispo ones. You may still fit in the maternity panties, so dont be too ambitious to bring your pre-preggy-sized panties (reminder to self LOL)

·         Nursing bras / breastpads x 2-3 -- for easier BFing, breastpads may not be necessary as breastmilk only comes out or your breasts only engorge after 2-3 days.

·         Socks x 2 -- my past experience --> socks in the labour room & at night in the room is a must!... so, 2-3 pairs may be needed.

·         Towel -- untuk mandi... takkan tanak mandi kan?? Jangan lupa mandi wiladah ye...

·         Slipper --

·         Toiletteries (shower gel, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, lotion, hairbrush, hair scrunchie)

·         Cloth pads x 4-6 -- I have stopped wearing dispo pads since more than 2 years ago, and this will be my first experience using CPs in postpartum period.

·         Mini wetbags for CPs

·         Minyak herbanika / barut -- not a must, but u can start using them if u want to.

·         Fooooodddd (milo, biscuits, flask) -- can pack biscuits and MILO Fuze, u maybe hungry after delivery, but hospital will give some food for you.. depends u can telan or not. I cant telan their Milo huhu..


- baby's carseat -- installed in the car

- partner's clothes and toiletteries -- ni pepandai sendiri lah boleh?? :P


GEREK ITU ALIA... said...

owh sgt best.. i will take note! :)
tq for this info! sukeee

scudmami said...

list je lengkap, tp beg sampai la ni x siap2 lagi hehehe


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