Sunday, January 17, 2010

Littlepods pouch - preloved and for sale =)

i am letting go my first-purchased baby pouch - bought when Faris was only 30+ days old..

it's Littlepods pouch

size: L -- refer 'sizing guidance'

colour: Gold

condition: 9.5/10 -- only used once or twice @home.. tak pandai pakai lah.. rase Faris terkepit dok dalam tu so i prefer RingSling

reason for letting go: like i said, i prefer RingSling and now i'm eyeing an SCC so need some funding lorrr..

price: RM70 only including postage within West Msia (RRP RM85)

picture credit to

email me if u want the actual pic of this pouch. (tak sempat nak snap lagi...). But trust me, the condition is like new!!

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