Sunday, August 23, 2009


received my September Pa&Ma magazine yesterday..
this morning sempat browse the magazine whilst pumping...
mmg keje ku mem browse magazine dulu before membaca the whole articles/mag...

came across this ad -- psl MyEcoNappy @
From Screen Captures

katanya "dicipta di Malaysia, sesuai dgn cuaca tropika kita."

so i browsed the site.. menarik gaks cos it's a 'lay-on system'..

meaning the cover can be reusable, just change the soaker..
the soaker is trifold soaker, made of micro terry and bamboo fleece...

From Screen Captures

anyone care to try???

hmm.. ku rase cam nak try.. there's RM10 off for trial pack online order...

so, apa lagi??? Jom try... :D

disclaimer: ku tidak mendapat apape benefit from this 'ad', cuma berkongsi apa yg ku jumpa...

and credits to neeza79 for her tutorial on 'screen capture'... hehehe entry ni pon konon2 nk testing la nih... TQ neeza!


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