Saturday, August 22, 2009

Babywearing Part I

***actually this entry supposed to be posted last week, before i went to Penang, tp atas sebab2 yg tak dpt dielakkan, hari ni baru la entry ni timbul..***

From Pictures from sony T1-august09
**gambar hiasan**


I always wanted to ‘wear’ my baby since I was pregnant with my #3…
I DIYed my own ringsling and also my pouch…

Puas hati tgk hasil keje sendiri
For pouch (pouches actually – I DIYed 2) -- the sizing was a bit off since ukur masa preggie so terbesa sket.. tambah lak tak tau camane ropa pouch tu in real life

Then ku beli preloved pouch MLC dari one of forumer. Dia let go sbb besar.. size L. Ku ingat, ku bleh la size L unfortunately MLC pouch is made of stretchable fabric.. so mmg stretchy la.. (but I haven’t try it on Faris)

Pastu last week, ku sempat gi Robinson nak try littlepods pouch – siap bawak Faris sbb nk try size.. hehehhe seksa rase nye esp nak masukkan Faris. Dah la dia mengerang2 everytime pusing2 kan dia utk masuk dlm pouch tu

After all, ku rase pouch tak best utk newborn.. rase terkepit sgt in ‘cradle carry’ position tu – cian tau… probably dah besar sket can try kangaroo carry ka, hip carry kaaa…

Ni nak pegi Penang, ku plan to try on Ringsling… my DIYed ringsling is a double-layered cotton RS.. I lurve the colour (lime green la pe lagi?? Heheh)

BUT – it’s too long (sbb ku buat almost 2m – sbb dm instruction cakap gitu!!) and bila lipat sgt tebal sbb double layer.. so cam tak sesuai utk diri ku yang baru nak belajar pakai.. saje je alasan nak bershopping la tuh ihikss..

So ku pinjam RS che DNNA… she bought RS from thebabyloft.. made of silk fabric – light and tak panjang sgt.. mlm td tried on Faris – again I don’t think he likes to be in craddle carry position?? ke mummy dia tak reti??
muka 'terkepit'
From Pictures from sony T1-august09

tp sempat senyum plak tu
From Pictures from sony T1-august09

Pastu ku try put him in ‘tummy-to-tummy’ (betoi ka??) position..
(cam dalam kepompong kan)
From Pictures from sony T1-august09

dia ok, siap tertidur lagi, tp cian sbb pale dia lentok.. tp rase dia suka cos dekat dgn nenen mummy
From Pictures from sony T1-august09

hubby cakap cam minah indon (jahat kan!??!!!)
From Pictures from sony T1-august09

Then, last Sunday and semalam, I’ve been searching for an RS for myself kih kih kih..

try tgk mmg ada sale now leh dpt RM99..
tengok harga between RM155 and RM168 depends on fabric & design.
Then bleh tahan gaks the design and price la of course ..
after searching/browsing etc – ku decided to buy jumpsacbaby RS –

--to be continued --

**TQ to DNNA kerana ajar camane nak upload gamba guna Picasa.. sungguh mudah ewahh.. (secara tak langsung, TQ to Kak Yong.. )**

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