Monday, May 7, 2012

Cloth diapers: for baby #4

aku start membeli sikit demi sikit.. ada yang beli even b4 pregnant hahahha... kronik kronik... sebab nye, bila ayish nye CD dah byk, aku jarang sgt beli, malas nak baca review mana yang best mana yang tak best sbb yang dah ada pon dah cukup bagus and sesuai... tp ada gak beli 2-3 helai kalau rase kemaruk berkenan tu..

all are newborn sized CDs... i know!!! i must use them immediately after baby lahir huhuhuu....

Flat diapers: brand Swaddlebees.. saje beli sbb suka tgk prints tu (hahaha alasan tak bleh blah!!)
Prefolds -- bottom to top: 2 swaddlebees (ye ke? lupa plak), 6 pcs Bouncy baby organic (newborn-sized), 3 pcs Econobum (come with Econobum cover), 6 pcs preloved newborn-sized prefolds (forgot the brand)

teddy pakai prefold with snappi

Prefolds & covers

Diaper covers: left fr top: fleece cover, Econobum (onesize), Weegro applique cover (green & red - onesize), BabyBeehinds PUL cover (green monkey & pink ladybugs - both size M).
right fr top: Thirsties Duo (size 1) with 6 microfibre inserts, Weehugger (size 1), Capri (size 1), local-made cover (MBT?? x ingat :P) bought preloved, and fleece cover, also bought preloved.

Diaper covers stuffed with prefolds -- all have 'pocket' to insert the end of the pf except BBH & econobum -- just lay-on..

some of the NB sized fitted dipes... top 4: new GBW, bottom 3: preloved fitted dipes

Graham Bear Wear (GBW) newborn fitted diapers, with umbilical snapdown, side-snapping. Prints are customised!! cute!!!

all are preloved fitted newborn diapers -- left fr top: 3 pcs MegAroos & the green one is AIO (not sure brand hihi
right fr top: muttaqin baby (lime green), First Class Baby nb fitted (pink), Angelbean size XS (yellow) & white fitted (not sure brand, bought preloved fr mcdp fsot).

Brand new newborn fitted diapers: Little Lion newborn fitted -- but the size looks quite generous for a nb; Bella Bottom nb fitted (pink love) & 2 pcs workhorse cpf (newborn size)

Cutest dipes!! Rumparooz Lil Joeys & Grovia newborn AIO -- preloved & cute (ohh i said that many times already!! lol)

Tinkletraps newborn converted prefolds (CPFs) -- 2 undyed, unbleached, & another 4 are customised dyed CPFs
Extended tab prefolds (ETPs) -- Megaroos knit cotton, au naturel & my own DIY ETP -- all medium size.

Megaroos fitted diapers in medium size. Left front-snapping & blue one is side-snapping.

These are onesize fitted dipes (i might sell these since Faris suda besar and dont need anymore new CDs.. mummy je meroyan!! nak tunggu baby boleh pakai, aduhh lambat lagi daaa... *slap me face!!). Little Boppers & Megaroos...

A box of onesize/sized diapers: top row fr left: Moley Garden OS AIO (Cat in the Hat print), Moley Garden purple Ooga minky fitted, BG Freetime AIO (OS) print Lovelylace; BG Freetime AIO (OS) colour DAzzle; Onesize Simplex AIO Owl; Simplex AIO (OS) Giraffe; Simplex 2.0 AIO - monkey sz M, Butterflies sz M & Tweet sz L.
Bottom fr left: Itti bitti: AIOs (size M & L), SIO size M & Tutto.

Baby wipes... most left: 4 pcs itti bitti wipes, the rest are sewed by yours truly using minky fabrics and bamboo velour reverses to cute printed cotton fabrics... they are sooooo cute & soft... tak gamak nak buat sapu montot hehhehe...


rajput said...

These look so soft and cute, but I would like to know about fabric which is used in it. As babies skin are sensitive and soft enough so parents should buy non allergic and rash free diapers.
new born diapers

scudmami said...

These diapers are made of cloth.. And one of the advantage, it can prevent nappy rashes. U just google cloth diapers, there are many brands/types of CD. Or click the links of the CDs brands on this post to get u started somewhere...

JuHaiNa JoHaN said...


Ada yang nak let go tak??
Interested la nk beli..especially yang new born..
my baby is on the way next month..
pape email me yer:


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