Monday, May 28, 2012

ANC at 36 wks

last week, 2nd ANC in UKMSC.

weight: Gained 3.2kg for the last 6 wks -- rasa ok, sbb 1.2kg wnet to baby hehehhe boleh tak pikir gitu?? :P
BP: 105/59
HR: 84bpm
urine: clear

Estimated fetal weight (EFW): 2.7kg (from last 1.5kg at 30wks gestation)
other parameters on scan: normal
Position: breech (adoiii apsal tak pusing2 lagi baby... kepala still at the same position as 6 weeks ago.. beriye la ingat dah pusing sbb movement byk rasa kat atas ;'(

So, Prof cakap, kena check/scan lagi next week, if still breech, kena admit for ECV (externak cephalic version).

Possibilities are:

A) successfully turned head down -- i can wait for spontaneous vaginal normal delivery

B) not successful (na'uzubillah) --

  1. opt for elective C-section -- either immediately or at later date
  2. wait for him to turn and spontaneous labour ensues -- might be breech vaginal delivery (erkk.... fanic) or if fails, emergency C-section.

both option B are not favourable... ;'(

My plan:

Will agree to ECV -- pray hard he'll turn and wait for normal delivery *all fingers crossed*

if no turning, i'll opt for elective c-sect but maybe later at 39 wks??? ohhhh.... takut nye nak fikir... kena prepare mental, physical and duit  huhuhu...

my friends suggest macam2...

* exercise with gym ball - -- aku dah gi pinjam gym ball Farid, tp belom inflate and try lagi, sbb wknd tak dok rumah..

* this website suggest macam2 -- --> forward-leaning inversion, breech-tilt and macam2...
-- aku ada try forward-leaning inversion... tak sure betul ke tak position tu... usaha je lah apa yang boleh...

* ada jugak yang cakap minum air kelapa lah, minum minyak kelapa lah... aku? air kelapa ok lagi, minyak kelapa?? erkk... tak tertelan kot.. sabtu tu, ku bedal sebiji air kelapa (tp kelapa agak tua ciss)..

apape pon, doa banyak2, cakap dgn baby suruh pusing baik2... and semoga dipermudahkan semua nyaa... doa kan aku & baby ye... thank you very much... muahhhss....

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