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Babywearing - SSC: Kanga XT

The Kanga-XT is the carrier that bridges the gap between toddler and big kid. I've had many people ask about a carrier that will be able to grow with their child after they are too big for the Kanga-J. If this is you, this is your carrier! Since the sides of the XT are only 16" tall, children who are just beginning to grow out of the 15" Kanga-J will be able to ride easily with their arms out. This creates less strain on the adult's shoulder's and back since their arms are not pulling on the sides of the carrier. Since the Kanga-XT is rated for 60lbs, one could easily use their Kanga-XT from around 12-14 months (depending on the height of the child) until that child was 4-5 years old and beyond. Talk about more "Bang for your Buck!".

The Kanga-XT has several features that won't be found on other carriers;

•Side extensions instead of pleats, darts, and deep contours

•High 7" padded head/backrest.

•Low 16" sides for easy "arms out"

•A carrier to grow with.

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i bought this lovely carrier from an MBW mama (who bought it over from TBW FSOT)

bought it in July when Faris was almost 13mo.

it's Melrose prints on Jalapeno canvas strap. Comes with a printed flat hood (removable).

the XT is the one on the right. Next to it was my 1st SSC (16" O&A -- sold to another mama). i love the print, though flowery but the colour is gender neutral (GN)

my 1st try. Faris was almost 13mo, weighed about 9kg.

front carry...

My reviews:

- pretty print!
- though the strap colour is not my most fav colour, but it's ok, as long as it's GN and easy to match!

shoulder straps:
- it's standard size. I almost cinch it to minimun setting. Very comfy. No shoulder strains.
- it's straight strap, but i can do backcarry without the chest strap.
- it has the legs extension, so no webbing touching my LO's skin!
- legs extension also extends the base from 14" to 17"

- no webbing waist -- all fabric. nice.. no digging but hard to re-adjust. Esp if need to reset after sharing with DH
- it's straight 3-pcs structured waist -- i love the 3-pcs waist-- it moulds my waist nicely
- it can be use at waist (unlike O&A, it is preferable wear at hips due to curved waist). So u can have high backcarry with XT! (in fact with other Kangas - J & X too)

- cool. Since Faris always i repeat ALWAYS sleeps when carried, this headrest really a saviour. I dont have to worry to put on a hood. I never use my removable hood with XT! i guess i never need one!
- some says the headrest looks like a space gear or something but it does serve its purpose!

chest strap:
- webbing chest strap comes with the carrier. But easily displaced i think.. i prefer if the hest strap is secured in a 'rail' like on KP!
- if u are customing, u can ask for fabric chest strap...


- it's a great carrier, that i dont regret buying, seriously!
- the waist is the COMFIEST waist i ever tried. (i've tried O&A, Beco, Angelpack, DC and Bamberoo, yet to try KP)
- Faris felt weightless, but with time (now he's almost 16mo), sometimes i can feel the shoulder strains, but it still bearable! esp if i loosen the shoulder strap. Probably his weight is pulling my shoulder. But when i tighten the strap, i felt him too 'squeezed' against my body. Perhaps i need a carrier with seatdart so he can sit more comfortably, or not?
- i wish he'll be a bit taller than he is now, so he can arms out quite easily. Though i know he loves to arms in, but if he's arms out, he looks comfier rather than the 'terkepit-look' with arms in!

what i wished on my XT:
- webbing keepers -- to keep the excess webbing, like my O&A
- rail for the chest strap
but these are minor.... i can live without it :P

- DH says: the carrier is very hard to adjust (the waist setting esp). He hates it! (he keeps comparing with my ex-O&A erghhh geram betul!! cos he made me feel guilty for selling the O&A, but now not anymore cos i have other carriers to replace the O&A hihihih) but he never tries backcarry. I dont know how to convince him to :((

confession: I'm going to make a custom XT in Marimekko print. I want it in purple or eggplant straps this time... i always want a purple carrier --- it's GN. I cant do pink but i dont like the boring blue boyish colour!!! (so, this carrier is going for sale when my slot is up... )

Faris slept in the XT... i dont need hood... his head is secured!

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