Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pusat Sains Negara

It was an impromptu plan since we were not doing anything today..

It's free admittance for all until 16/2/12.. So we decided to go.. Free maaa hehehhe knowing that kids maybe too young to appreciate it!

We reached there around 12.30pm, and parked outside where the signboard shows "Tempat letak kereta untuk Pusat Sains Negara", it's across the centre and connected by a sky bridge.

Anddddd... We, esp yours truly had to 'climbed up' the slope to get to the building and it really killed my back grrr... Then we saw a 'parking space for visitors' near the building entrance.. cis cis cis!!!

Sampai dalam tu, i met my ex-colleague, but she's done touring the centre... So, inside we went & touring all sections... The 'water section' was interesting with big arched aquarium welcoming us!!
Then, 'wind section', 'light section' bla bla bla.. Err i wasnt too interested in physics though hehehe.. Kids just play along.. For them it just fun! Then we went to other sections -- learn about tumbuhan, cells, body parts, our 5 senses etc... We spent some time in the kids playzone, but we didnt enter the 'kids world', cos it almost 2.30pm and we wanted to catch the adventerous ride in another building.

Unfortunately, no pregnant ladies, and kids below 4 feet height is allowed... So here i am blogging while waiting for DH & Fatini huhuhu... Luckily this lobby is airconditioned and have some games for the kids to play with.. Kalau tak sure melepak dlm kereta gamaknye huwarghh...

Pasni nak gi Ikea lah... Alang2 dah dekat sini.. (ehh dekat ke ek?? Heheh)

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