Sunday, February 12, 2012

new hobby??

Last 2 wks, i bot this new gadget for myself.. DH insisted to pay konon for my bday gift, but am gonna claim another thing for my bday gift fr him hihihi "tunggu ye laling..."

This is THE brothers Innovis50 or NV50 sewing machine..

I bot it on the 2nd last day of CNY promo which entitled me to get rm209 worth gifts... And tht cute sewing basket priced at rm99 only (PWP) and came with lotsa sewing stuff that really great for a beginner like me hihi.. It includes tailor scissors, snipper, needles, peniti, and bla bla bla tht am yet to learn their names lol...

So, wat was my 1st project???

Errr DH asked me to cut & sew his pants... Didnt sound like a real sewing project ehhh.. It's a mending project but he was so happy & said "finally i have hobi yg berpekdah (berfaedah)"... Ciss ciss ciss!!!

So for a real sewing task, I sewed a fleece blankie for baby -- actually it was an Ikea fleece blankie that i cut half for cd fleece liners, then this half to be converted to double layers baby blankie.. It was plain so i made some 'applique'.. An ugly one tho.. Lol...
And i sewed a cute pattern on its side.. They are cute but donno if baby really need it!!

I plan to sew either baby minky blanket or quilt blanket for my real 'baby project' heheheh.. Angan2 tinggi nih!! (but only after knowing this baby's gender so i can shop for a suitable fabric prints/colours --- i'm so hoping this is a girl for me *fingerscrossed*)

Nxt plan to sew Tote or sling bag for fatini, zippy wallet for fatini, fabric basket for me, boxy pouches, crayon rolls, dresses for my girl(?s), baju tido for my boys (easier kot?? Donno what can i sew for my boys iskk) and the list goes on...
Oh oh i wish to sew baju kurung for this raya (sempat ke nak belaja??) and tops for myself... Hehhehe...

Sokay, dream first and achieve 'em later insyaAllah...

Now, my free time is filled with browsing for sewing patterns/tutorials and experimenting them on the cheap (errr fabrics are not cheap okeh!!) fabrics... And join Geng mesin Jahit group on FB... Omg they are bunch of crazy and talented sewing mommies in there... How i wish one day i could really call myself 'good at sewing'... *sigh*

this is my new toy weeee.....

love it!!! parked it on my no-longer-use study table :D

it can sew alphabets --- so i can spell my kiddoes' name or anything!!!

mending project on the way..

the fleece baby blankie with some oogly applique hihi

the details of jahitan tepi..

P/S as to date, i have sewed quite a number of small stuff esp for the kids but am gonna blog about it separately.. So bear with me hehehe... I foresee this blog is turning into sewing blog LOL...
Even my frens are starting to hate me cos i hv new hobby instead of 'layan-ing' them on WA/tweet hahahah..

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