Saturday, May 8, 2010

BW : Pouch

My first BW purchase was a Littlepods pouch, i bot it in size L when Faris was around 40+days old.

Unfortunately, he did not like to be worn in th epouch when he was small (in craddle-carry position). When he's little bit older, i tried to carry him in hip-carry position but i didn't find the comfort and the "pouch-LOVE" :(

So, my LP pouch is up for sale... any taker?? I might reduce the price even more if u are interested :P

Yesterday, i went to MV for the Mom & Baby Expo.. i went with my frens, Dian & co..
Main plan was to 'cuci-cuci mata'... and to justify the visit, i made an excuse to find the Pureen bottle cleanser and breast pads for yours truly :P

After tawaf 1 round (owhh only managed to tawaf 1 hall only!! obviously i missed a lot!!! arghh nak pegi lagi...)
We visited tinytapir booth --- arghhh i love the Grobaby printed CDs.. but my CD-purchasing era has over!!!! Then we tried Mei's MT -- arghhhh my hands were soooo itchy to buy one... aiyoo Farid sooo lovely lor!!!

this one is soooooooooooooooo gorjes morjes IRL!! Tak tipuk!!! sib baik tarak duit bajet tau hahhaha
(pics credit here)

then, Syaz's Jumpsac RS & Mamapatch RS... love every RS hanging there... ya Allah, kuatkan iman ku ya Allah.. memang goyah iman & poket nengok bende2 BW nih!!! ( i'mmmm soooo in need of new hobby, new passion and new baby ehh hahaha )

Then we met Kak Faten, owner of @ her booth. Ni terus tak tahan dah... ku sambar satu pouch... huwarghh kak Faten jahat.. sape soh buat pouch lawa2???

Kak Faten cakap aku size S?? iskkk tipuk betul laaa... tp mmg ku try size S (23") mmg ngam2... aiyokk patut la size L terus kapooof tak best!!

so, ku rembat yang ini.... lawa kan????
so much nicer IRL.. ni gamba aku amik tak menyerlah sgt!! But i love it i love it love it!! I found my pouch love, at last!!!

Pouch is sooo easy BUT u need to find ur correct SIZE!!

But i found my love bit too late... Faris is too heavy to be carried one-shouldered... i did carry him @ home, 1/2 hour is max lorrr... killing my shoulder.. but i love the fact that it's soooooo compact, i can fold it and can fit in my sling bag (i almost did that when @ expo -- -ehhh bukan curik tau cuma terus nak beli tanak bagik Dian kebas heheh & powww terus masuk beg hahha)

The print is soooo lovely, flowery on one side and reverse to plain brown.. love the COMBO!
DH can wear it in brown but even the flowers looks GN (gender neutral!!) -- opss donno if DH can fit in it. Even it does fit him, don't think he will hehehhe

So... if u wanna grab a pouch or any types of carriers, don't forget to visit the expo... grab your chance to try every types of the BW gadgets...
try it, feel it, love it & buy it laaa of course!! and get addicted to it!!!

tgh adjust2... my cameraman tgh baring.. (konon-konon amik angle katanye..)

my 3 stooges

am i wearing it correctly??

my happy model -- DH selalu cakap "cian adik selalu jadik bahan experiment..." experiment kah??? nayyy...

Today I declare... i love pouch!
and today I declare.. i love all types of carriers and proud to have all types of it :P

2 pouches (1 up for sale) + 2 DIYed pouch
3 RS + 1 DIYed RS
1 MT (itw) + 2 DIYed (1 still itw)
2 wraps (1 otw)
1 SSC ( + 2??)

that's all for now... heheheh



Rozy said...

gilerr ahh ko norl!!
you definitely need a new baby by the time faris knows how to use his legs!!

as for me, can't wait for the baby to come out, already have 3 carriers for her!!

Aishah Megahasz said...

Wrap je tak pernah try. Rasa macam tak reti nak pakai

scudmami said...

kuang kuang kuang...

u are soooo rite Rozy.. hihihi tapi bukan sekarang.. kena bagik lepas Masters lu hihihi

Aishah, sila teruskan ke wrapping me'wrapping' utk lengkapkan diri sebagai babywearer hahha.. best bila dah pernah try sume tau.. *racun*

Pah Zarihan said...

eh pouch tu resize laaa...LP pouch best!
i bli L gak norley, pastu resize sampai M, tak ok gak, then resize sampai S (a bit less than that) haa baru ok..

i pun tak sangka i size S lol

scudmami said...

LP pouch is sold to my staff.... okay lah.. kira cover beli pouch yg ni :P


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