Friday, October 30, 2009

Jundeco Wall Sticker Contest

came across this contest from Nana's entry..

actually read about the then upcoming contest from sometime ago.. and did not realize the contest is on...

so come join the contest by mombloggersplanet... or take a peek at this for contest's T&C..


just wanna try my luck.. sape tak nak kalu leh dapat hadiah kan...

these are the prizes:

1x First Prize – RM100 worth of stickers

1x Second Prize – RM80 worth of stickers

1x Third Prize – RM60 worth of stickers

it's so easy but not so easy for me cos terkial-kial buat entry, link sana link sini, add banner etc ohhh i need private tutorial and time

Here’s how you can grab one the prizes above.

1.Go to Jundeco Stickers and look around for the stickers design that you like
2.Create a blog entry about this contest
3.Tell about your favorite wall sticker design(s). One short sentence will do.
4.Put the link to Jundeco Stickers, MomBloggersPlanet and this contest page in your entry
5.Put the contest banner on your sidebar with link to this contest page
6.Leave a comment here with link back to your blog entry

The winners will be decided by a lucky draw and one blog entry is given one lucky draw ticket. You can increase your chance of winning if you also do optional items 2 to 5 below.

1.One blog entry with contest banner on sidebar – 1 ticket (compulsory) - checked
2.Follow/Join MomBloggersPlanet with Google Friend Connect – 1 ticket (optional) -- my oh my.. i donno how?? or did i missed any 'buttons'?
3.Follow MomBloggersPlanet on Twitter – 1 ticket (optional)
4.Subscribe to MomBloggersPlanet Feedburner – 1 ticket (optional) - checked
5.Subscribe to Jundeco Stickers Feedburner – 1 ticket (optional) - checked

hmm... i'd like to decorate my staircase wall.. for the time being, it's bare, boring creamish colour and decorated with my kids' 'masterpiece'...

i wish to have something flowery or any colour to add to its appearance.. so i'd choose this --

this one looks nice and simple...

this looks nice too ehh...

but i LOVE sunflowers...

whichever it is... i love them all... best nye if i can decorate all my walls... hahahhah...

come join the contest...



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norl, aku pun suka bunga kaler biru merah tuh.. cantik!


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