Wednesday, April 22, 2009

faces of life

more of Fatini's drawings.. i think now is more like her phase of drawing faces & figures.. she has not yet ventured into drawing houses, animals etc

actually she brought the drawings up to show 'em to me last night, unfortunately i was fast asleep. So tak layan la drawings dia, i only realized them this morning.. (hmm.. bad mummy!! :(

both of them tried to wake me up for their 'susu' and diapers change.. what do u expect from a tired preggy mom who fell asleep at 930pm, huh??? Of course tak layan la, cos i barely can open my eye(s)..

They slapped my hands, pinched and not forget to mention Haziq did bit my hands few times and begging me to wake up (luckily i managed to stand it!! Tahan je wooo) and make 'susu' for them.. but guess what made me woke up?? a wet kiss from Haziq.. yesss.. i think he tired of waking me up in hard way, he used his charm that finally made me open my eyes and laughed with them...

ahhh kids.. love u both to the MAX!!


Korea-Seoul-Map said...

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nonnie78 said...

Norley, Fatini macam anak sy yang sulung.. so talented in art. tu yang skang ni tengah dok mencari art class untuk dia join tu.. btw, fatini umur bape ek?

scudmami said...

she was born in Dec 2004, so this year patut 5thn laa..
itulah, bagus gak kalau dpt gi art class ke apa ke.. plus dia pon lefthanded, sure leh go.. tp dia cepat boring, buat sesatu bende tu kejap je..

nonnie78 said...

norley.. my dotter pun born in 2004 June 25. also lefthanded.. hahaha.. pun cepat boring sesuatu benda tu.. dont want to share her things with other.. sure dorang ni bleh jadi kawan baik ni.. hahahah..


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