Friday, April 13, 2012

baby #4 @29w+5d

i was quite busy last few weeks and only managed to squeeze time for ANC check up after 2months last check up...

did a scan, baby:
~normal parameters~baby "tooottt" (biarlah rahsia)~baby's weight 1.39kg (estimated)~heart ok, everything OK alhamdulillah...

BP: 107/75 mmHg, urine clear,
gained 15kg fr my pre-pregnancy weight.. oh noooeess \O/
so, kena buat MGTT huhuhu... nyampahs nye...

and today, i managed to book an appointment with prof Azura at UKMSC.. insyaAllah this time nak beranak 'private' (errr labour room yang sama tapi :P...)

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